Wednesday, February 21

Real estate: resurgence and a bet on 2022

The experience of living in many months working in a virtual way, helped us to organize ourselves and be up to the queries that came from Argentina, since this market is usually the one that moves the needle in our country. Even so, it is impossible to escape the situation and although there was always the hope that the purchase of real estate would explode positively, it did not happen. The inquiries were both from the Uruguayan market with 98% of sales and the Argentine market where sales represented 8% always with great expectations for the latter, but the impossibility of access to the country due to the closure of the borders made the processes difficult. However, since Uruguay began with the gradual opening of borders, first for residents and then for the general public, those inquiries that were made in quarantine began to be reflected in sales during this last time.

It is important to note that, like all items, real estate was affected by the global economic crisis. Many companies were unable to work, many others had to close and therefore investment capital and money on the street was less. Beyond this atypical and hard situation for our country and our neighbors, we predict a 2022 of growth and solidity for Real Estate.

Investing in brick continues to be a safe and durable bet with the possibility of increasing capital through an income that can be 6% per year to which is added a 4.6% revaluation, as is the case of some buildings in Montevideo. Nowadays, the appearance of other sources of investment has become fashionable with exorbitant profits, but with the possibility of abruptly losing everything.

The brick, therefore, is the safest option to protect capital without depending on the ups and downs that for example arise in the world of Bitcoin. For next year an increase in the value of real estate is estimated due to the global situation and the inflation that the United States is suffering, which causes people to shelter their money in bricks, which is what always sustains the value. Many times this type of situation produces an increase in the appreciation and value of the property and the market is late to understand it. The option to get ahead of it and be able to buy today is smart and valuable.

Likewise, and beyond the global context, investing in a unit continues to be attractive for Uruguayans and foreigners who now extend not only to Argentina, but also to Chile and European countries, allowing the real estate sector an important strength and recognition at the level. international.

Uruguay is one of the most chosen countries in the Region to invest in Real Estate because it understood that its clear policies would attract capital and generate places for investment. The road to the East that starts from the Capital towards the summer areas begins to be transformed into the places chosen for shopping, but also neighborhoods in Montevideo that were previously unthinkable became productive and tempting. New centralities, options for sustainable, comfortable buildings and with technology at the service of all become tempting for foreigners who come in search of clear, simple and stable investments.

For Argentines in particular, Montevideo became the best option to invest because, in addition to having legal security that becomes the greatest attraction, it has in its favor the proximity, culture and brotherhood that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Director of Kopel Sánchez.