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Realme GT Master Edition: First Impressions | Digital Trends Spanish

Barely a couple of months have passed since Realme launched its most ambitious phone, the Realme GT, but this one already has a little brother who is going to give a lot of war. It is the new Realme GT Master Edition, a device that remains in a lower range compared to the first-born of the saga, but also has many and varied virtues.

I had the opportunity to test this new device and although I anticipate that my feelings are very good, I invite you to continue reading to see first-hand the first impressions with it. Realme GT Master Edition.

Design and display

Realme has taken pleasure in using vegan leather to cover the back of their phones, because in this model we also find a version with this material. Although it is gray and much more discreet than the yellow and black back of the top model, it does not go unnoticed either. What I like the most about this version is that in addition to being very pleasant to the touch, its wavy back (which imitates a suitcase) makes the grip much safer and more comfortable.

The camera module barely protrudes, so it does not rock when placed on a surface. It is really light and very ergonomic, so much so that I have not had any problems using it with one hand. In its lower part we find an audio minijack next to the only speaker of the phone and a USB-C port.

The phone screen is one of its strengths. With a diagonal of 6.43 inches, resolution of 1,080 x 2,400 pixels and a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz, the experience with this panel in all usage scenarios is more than satisfactory.

Performance and autonomy

Although in design and screen this device has nothing to envy the Realme GT, in power is where we find the main differences. And it is that instead of having the Snapdragon 888 processor of its older brother, the Realme GT Master Edition incorporates the 6 nanometer Snapdragon 778G accompanied by 8 or 12 GB of RAM.

Despite having a less powerful processor, the device allowed me to play and run any application or task without problems, without slowdowns or lags, and above all, without heating up at any time.

The Realme GT Master Edition incorporates a 4,300 mAh battery, slightly lower than that of the Realme GT and 8 Pro (4,500 mAh each). However, in my experience the device managed autonomy much better compared to these models, so I got more time of use without the need for charging. On a normal day, even with the screen at 120 Hz, it is able to go more than 24 hours. As for refueling times, in just half an hour with the included 65-watt charger we can achieve a complete cycle.


In the photographic section we also find quite a few differences with respect to the superior model. This device has a main camera with a 64 MP sensor and a lens with f / 1.8 aperture, a wide-angle camera with an 8 MP sensor and a lens with f / 2.3 aperture, a macro camera with a 2 MP sensor and a lens with f / aperture. 2.4. Its front camera has a 32 MP sensor.

As you can see in the attached gallery, the photos taken are not as good as those that the Realme GT gave us, but in general and taking into account that it is a device whose price starts at 349 euros, the results are more than satisfactory. In good light, the cameras perform very well, although like all phones (especially the cheapest ones), when it begins to fade, noise is present. Portrait mode is not its strong point, since the level of cropping and the application of blur is somewhat flat and artificial, but it is within expectations.


This device has many qualities to compete with, but it is not as outstanding as I expected. It is a balanced mobile with excellent autonomy that you should not overlook if you are looking for something that does not exceed 400 euros, although it is worth remembering that for 449 euros you can get the Realme GT, which has more power and above all better cameras.

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