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Reasons to stick with Windows 10 instead of Windows 11 | Digital Trends Spanish

The redesign that Windows 11 presented compared to Windows 10 was well received, especially for that “fresh” touch that it brings to compatible computers, from the widgets directly on the taskbar to the quick settings panel that allows access to settings ” essentials” in a simpler way. But is it worth doing the operating system upgrade?

The most immediate answer would be “yes”; however, since publication MUO Strong arguments are offered for stick with windows 10 on windows 11. Let’s review some.

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Windows 11 technical requirements

More or less recent computers may support the update of the operating system without any problem, despite the fact that there are many technical specifications that it demands. People who own a device with hardware older than what Microsoft requires basically need to consider buying a new PC to get Windows 11.

However, as you’ll find out later, staying on Windows 10 isn’t as bad as it sounds. In other words, good news for those who do not want to buy a new computer.

Lack of experience

The official release date of Windows 11 was October 2021, so it will be airing for a semester in March 2022. That is, it is a “young” platform that has a long way to go.

“Windows 11 is fresh out of the oven. It is missing features, has many bugs, and new hardware and software compatibility issues are constantly being found and fixed.

The recommendation here is to wait a little longer to make the final leap to Windows 11, of course, if the requirements demanded by Microsoft are met.


The lack of experience of Windows 11 is also represented in its revamped taskbar, which is located in the center of the screen by default.

The main argument is that this element is not as customizable as the Windows 10 taskbar, mainly because it cannot be made taller or moved around the screen. Surely there will be improvements in this section, so it is not a bad decision to stay with the operating system that was launched in 2015, for the time being.

android apps

Android apps directly on PC? Yes, it is possible, however, the process to get them natively is somewhat complicated. Even those who are part of the Windows Insider program only have the option to access a small selection of developments.

Again, it is proven that it is best to be patient, to wait to make the final leap to the newly arrived Microsoft operating system.

Origin on the same basis

“Windows 11 is Windows 10 in disguise. There is an incredible similarity of features between the two operating systems. Except for some features, anything you see in Windows 11, you can find a version for it in Windows 10”, is another of the strong arguments that are read in MUO.

It is explained that what ended up becoming a new version of the operating system was originally intended as a substantial update to Windows 10 (Windows 10 Sun Valley Update).

Long-term support for Windows 10

2025 is the year marked for the end of support for Windows 10, which means that those who are conditioned to use this operating system should not worry, mainly because they ensure the immediate future security patches and other new features.

Of course, long before that date there will already be a mature Windows 11, ready to receive those who are now not so convinced of taking the leap.

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