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Recipes with mojo beyond the classic red and green with ‘papas arrugás’

A gastronomic week in Gran Canaria is enough to discover recipes where the mojo is not the classic red or green, which we can already find in preserves in many supermarkets in the rest of Spain, but instead acquires colors such as yellow, with mango or passion fruit or with pepper yellow instead of red; and green mojos that swap the cilantro for avocado or peas.

It is also surprising the number of ingredients that season beyond the wrinkled potatoes. The most common is to find mojo as a sauce for fish, but we have even seen it with rabbit or cockles in the II Contest for the best mojo in Tenerife in Madrid Fusión 2022won by Diana Marcelino, from the Tenerife restaurant Chimiche’s Secretfollowed by Nacho Garbayo, with pea mojo from kitchen dreams.

Chef Juanma Bertolín’s recipes

the chef of the Hotel Bohemia 360º Restaurantin Playa del Inglés, gives us three recipes with yellow mojo and one with green mojo.

For him yellow mojo:

  • Roast 120 g of roasted yellow pepper, 20 g of onion, one garlic, one chili.
  • Add 25 g of passion fruit, 10 ml of orange juice, 7.5 ml of lime juice, 3 g of salt, pepper, cumin, 40 ml of olive oil and 40 ml of coconut milk.
  • Blend everything in the robot and strain.

Amberjack or lemon fish with yellow mojo sauce, edamame and asparagus tips:

  • Add salt and cilantro to four loins of amberjack (lemon fish), cook over high heat and let stand for about five minutes. Blanch eight green asparagus tips and 50 g of edamame in salted water and cool.
  • Put two pieces of amberjack on the plate, sauce with the yellow mojo sauce.
  • Make a brushstroke of mojo and put edamame and romanesco, place pea shoots.
  • Put the two ends of asparagus on top of the fillets of amberjack and a little sprouts.

Canarian cow loin tataki matured for 60 days, with yellow mojo sauce and grilled marrow with caviar:

  • Cut 800 g of matured beef loin in the shape of a tataki, season with salt and pepper and pass through black sesame, mark on all sides, rest.
  • Cut with a thickness of 1.5 cm.
  • Season four bones with marrow cut to 10 cm, mark it on the coals. Heat it in the oven for a minute, place caviar, sauce with meat juice.
  • Make a tear of yellow mojo on the plate.
  • Place the cut loin, sauce it with the juice and decorate with the watercress sprouts.
  • Put the marrow on the opposite side.

Marinated oysters in malvasia, with yellow passion fruit mojo, arbequina caviar, takuan and radish sprouts:

  • Open eight oysters. Heat 300 ml of Malvasia wine to 40ºC, put the oysters and their water in the pot.
  • peel a daikon radish, put it with coarse salt and sugar 24 hours. Wash and put it with rice vinegar and saffron. Macerate seven days.
  • Service and plating: grate takuana traditional Japanese pickle made from daikon radish, and put it inside oyster shells.
  • Add yellow mojo.
  • Place an oyster on each shell.
  • Garnish with oil caviar, horseradish sprouts, diced takuan and passion fruit.

Cherne with fermented green mojo of padrón pepper, jalapeño and avocado. Pickled banana and foam of the pilpil of its thorns

For him padrones fermented mojo:

  • make a brine in half a liter of water plus 45 g of salt with 200 g of flame-roasted padrones and a jalapeño, 400 g of avocado pulp, a head of roasted garlic, coriander and cumin.
  • Reserve at room temperature.
  • Marinate everything in a jar at a temperature of 19º C for seven days.
  • Grind, strain

For him grouper

  • Salt four loins of grouper (also called rock grouper) and sear on the skin side in a frying pan with olive oil and salt.

For him banana pickle

  • Sauté a red onion in the oil, add a 0.5 cm diced fennel, 11 chopped green chillies, 20 ml of lime juice, 20 ml of orange juice, 10 ml of rice vinegar. The banana in 0.5cm cubes and, finally, three chopped coriander stems.

For him PIL pil:

  • Confit a head of garlic and a chilli in the oil.
  • Add 400 ml of broth of thorns, reduce, add the salt, strain and put in a siphon.
  • Put the fish loin with the plantain marinade on top and, with the siphon, distribute a small mound of pil pil and a few points of green mojo.

Recipes by Alejandro Alamo Saavedra

Tuna in cooked mojo marinade, from

the chef of Henry House, in Mogán, also gives us its two star recipes with mojo sauce. One with the typical red mojo but, in this case, it is cooked to serve it hot on top of the tuna, although you can use it for your wrinkled potatoes or whatever you consider.

  • For him red mojowe crush the marinade ingredients, that is: five g of oregano, four cloves of garlic, 120 ml of white wine, 10 g of vinegar, five g of paprika, 200 ml of sunflower oil, five g of thyme, a leaf bay leaf and salt to taste.
  • Marinate a kilo of fresh tuna tacos in it and reserve (a minimum of two hours is recommended for the tuna to pick up aromas).
  • Drain the tuna beforehand, pass it through 300 g of flour, seal the fish in a liter of very hot sunflower oil and drain off the excess fat.
  • Put the previous marinade in a cauldron with a little water and oregano, add the tacos, bring to a slight boil and let stand for a few minutes, accompanied by a boiled egg.

Avocado mojo on grilled smoked cheese:

  • For him avocado mojo, specialty of Casa Enrique, we put a bunch of coriander, a green pepper, five grams of cumin grains, coarse salt, garlic and vinegar in a mortar. Crush, mix the whole and add 400 ml of sunflower oil little by little in a thin stream; add two mashed ripe avocados and mix the whole. Rectify according to taste.
  • It is considered a cut mojo since, during rest, the oil is separated from the rest of the ingredients.
  • Grill a thick fillet of smoked semi-cured cheese so that it is warm and does not melt, place some slices of avocado when serving it and sprinkle the freshly stirred avocado mojo on top.

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