Wednesday, January 19

Recognize local and regional impact of Panamanian company

The Panamanian company Ten Tu Evento (Jabes Holding SA) was awarded the “The Bizz Award”, Award given by the World Confederation of Business (WORLDCOB), based in Houston, Texas, United States. This recognition honors small, medium and large businesses capable of developing good practices, and whose business model is an example to be followed by other companies at the international level.

WORLDCOB is supported by an Evaluation Committee, an autonomous entity, made up of a group of professionals with different specializations in the business field who I evaluate the business leadership of Ten tu Evento, as well as its management systems, quality in products and services, business innovation and creativity, corporate social responsibility, achievements and recognitions.

Within the framework of the award, Luis Cabareda, founding partner, received recognition as a “business leader” and “excellence in marketing management.” Likewise, Juan Cabareda, also a founding partner, received recognition for “excellence in business management” and “business leadership”.

Ten Tu Evento (Jabes Holding, SA) is a company that offers comprehensive solutions for corporate events. It started operations in 2010; has a wide variety of services for physical, virtual and hybrid events. Its business focus is on innovation, the development of its human resources and customer service.

Previously, this Panamanian company was recognized as “Central American Company of the Year” and its founders, were awarded as “Entrepreneurs of the year” by the Latin American Quality Institute in the years 2019 and 2021.