Sunday, September 19

Reconciled what?

Today we interview to the Vice President of the Government Teresa Ribera, in charge of energy policies that are now in the midst of a price hurricane. It announces several measures, such as a regulation that prevents electricity companies from emptying reservoirs just when the rate is more expensive.

Pedro Sánchez had said in El País that does not feel “concerned” Due to the United We Can proposal to create a public electricity company because the measure was not in the government agreement signed at the start of the legislature. Teresa Ribera, however, considers that a state company would have “a lot of public interest” and, although she assures that it does not serve to guarantee an immediate drop in prices, “it does not seem like a bad idea to me.” The full interview.

By the way, Ribera’s interview with Ignacio Escolar and Antonio Vélez was done in the newsroom of, which has recently been reformed to adapt to the post-coronavirus world and to which, after a year and a half of 100% teleworking, we began to return little to little as of today. Let’s see if we show it to you soon.

There are almost 600,000 women without work in Spain who cannot seek employment because they ‘have’ to dedicate themselves to care tasks. They are 150,000 more than before the pandemic, which has hit the gender gap in particular and the work-life balance in general. In this report we analyze data like this graph that speaks for itself.



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