Monday, May 16

Record year for hybrid and electric cars: which are the best-selling models in Argentina

With last year’s sales performance, the market for hybrid (with gasoline and electric motors) and electric vehicles more than doubled its share of total light vehicle sales. While in 2020 it had reached 0.7% of the total, in 2021 it hit the maximum so far of 1.7%.

In terms of brand performance, Toyota is the company that has the largest offer in the segment and the one that concentrates the 88,2% of the market with six models, the second brand that follows it in participation is Ford, which with its three models reaches 8,4% of the market and third is located Lexus, Toyota’s Premium brand, which adds the 1,7%.


Since 2010, when the first Toyota Prius was patented in the country, total sales of this type of vehicle were 10,735 units, which means that more than half of all hybrid and electric vehicles sold in the country were delivered last year (55%).

The local market for electric vehicles began to advance from the decrees that grant tariff reductions for their importation. As of decree 331 / 2017, this type of vehicle can be imported at a preferential tariff of 5% (hybrids), 2% (pure electric) and 0% (with fuel cells – hydrogen).

In the last update of September of last year (dec 617/2021), the national government extended until March 2023 the benefits to import and assigned a quota of 4,500 units that may enter the country paying preferential import tariff.

The decree assigns a share of 95% of that quota for Terminals with automotive production in the country (4,275 units) and the remaining 5% for importing representatives of Terminals not located in Argentina (225 units).


The company that continues to lead the hybrid and electric market in Argentina is Toyota, which last year kept 88% of sales, growing even over 2020 when it had reached 78% of the total.

Who follows it on the list is Ford, which last year delivered 495 hybrid vehicles and got 8.4% of the market. Lexus (Toyota’s premium brand) is in third place with 98 units sold and 1.7% of the market. Between the three they represent 98.3% of the total market during 2021.


Toyota is the brand with the greatest supply, today it has 6 models with unconventional motorization in its catalog, while Ford had 2 until December, when it patented its third model, the first hybrid F-150 units.

Lexus, for its part, has 5 models on offer, although its sales are concentrated in 3. Mercedes Benz has 3 models, Renault and Nissan 1, and SERO has its 2 cargo models and 1 sedan.


The models sold in the country are still heavily biased towards hybrid technologies, in fact, 99.1% of patents during 2021 correspond to them, while pure electrics represent less than 1% of sales.

acara hybrid cars 2021.jpg

In that context, the best-selling model is the Toyota Corolla (43% of the total), followed by the Toyota Corolla Cross (30%) and the Toyota Rav4 (12%). Only in fourth place does a vehicle from another brand appear, the Ford Kuga (5%).