Saturday, February 24

Recovered 7.6 million cases of corruption of the Valencian PP after the sale of a chalet, a duplex and seven garages

To date, the Generalitat Valenciana has managed to recover 7.6 million euros in funds or assets stolen from public coffers in cases of political corruption that occurred before 2015, that is, during the PP government stage. Specifically, the last sale of goods from the Cooperation and Emarsa cases has allowed for around half a million euros to be obtained.

This has been explained by the general director of Relations with Les Corts, Antonio Torres, who has indicated that the Consell is not going to “spare effort and means” to continue recovering “every last euro stolen from the public coffers”.

The latest assets that have been sold are a chalet in the Rotes de Dénia, a duplex in Massarrojos, 7 parking spaces (six in València and one in Manises), three high-end vehicles and a motorcycle, and the amount of what was recovered in this operation amounts to 476,846 euros.

In addition, 2 apartments in Miami, 3 flats in Valencia, 8 industrial buildings and 2 commercial premises are being processed, and it is estimated that the amount of money that is currently being recovered due to open legal proceedings rises to 13 million euros.

“From the Govern del Botànic we are going to be implacable with the recovery of all those resources that were taken away” during the time of the PP government, since “through its actions, very important amounts of public resources were taken away that were intended for all the Valencians”. In this sense, he has added that “they even dared to withdraw funds for their own interest and benefit” from a Ministry such as that of Cooperation, whose resources were destined for the poorest people.

Torres has pointed out that “it is very easy to steal” and, in fact, “it cost very little” to the high officials prosecuted in corruption cases, “but then recovering those public funds is a very difficult task.” As he has added in this regard, “we have been there for 6 years, and after those years we have recovered almost 7.5 million euros, but the amounts that were withdrawn can be multiplied by 6 or 7”.

For this reason, the general director has insisted that the Consell will continue to carry out all the necessary actions to recover the money unduly stolen, and has recalled that the Asset Recovery Office has opened, since it became operational in 2015, 40 files to promote administrative or judicial actions in defense of the interests of citizens.