Wednesday, March 22

Reddit updates its app and adds a discover button | Digital Trends Spanish

Reddit announced an update to its Android and iPhone apps that adds a button to discover conversations and topics relevant to users — known as subreddits — as well as new tools for users to update subscriptions to topics that matter to them.

In a note posted on his official blog, Reddit highlights that the update seeks to make it easier to find the communities hosted on the platform. “The big issue we’re trying to address with this is that sometimes it can be hard to find subreddits and communities that you want to deep bond with.” told the portal TechCrunch Jason Costa, Reddit Content and Community Editor.

“Doing a search on Reddit or Google can help, but it’s often hard and not always easy. We know it, that’s why we want to build a new base to discover little-known communities”, added Costa.

Reddit detailed that the discover button (Reddit calls it “Discover”) will appear on the left in the menu at the bottom of the app. Users will be able to identify it as a compass, above which a very graphical interface will be displayed, similar to that of Pinterest.

Above the discovery section, Reddit explains that users will be able to filter their search for specific results. “To make sure the feed improve over time, we added feedback mechanisms that allow users to select ‘show more of this content’ or ‘hide this content.’”

Reddit also said that the tab Discover will not display content not safe for work (NSFW), and will also not suggest communities that are under community review or banned.

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