Monday, July 4

Reds, fags and neighborhood feminists

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In Pride month, we celebrate but don’t forget. We take a trip to the recent history of our country and together with Fucking Mikel We talked about how homosexuality was lived and how it was built during the Franco dictatorship, how the resistance was organized and what were the places of dissent. A historical persecution that was regulated in 1954 when it was classified as a crime with the modification of the Law of Vagrants and Crooks and that was strengthened by marking it as a contagious disease that was the responsibility of the public power to contain.

How was this law applied? What kind of resistance do we find to this pathologization of homosexuality? Are the effects of that repression still valid? We talk about it with Victor Mora Gaspar author of the thesis “On the fringes of nature: the persecution of homosexuality during the Franco regime”.

Then with Hestoric We take a tour of the feminist and worker struggle in the Madrid municipality of Rivas-Vaciamadrid. We investigate the origin of the neighborhood, its demands and achievements from the hand of women and groups with decades of experience.

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