Tuesday, February 27

Registrations close the year far from the prepandemic data due to the microchip crisis

The year 2021 closed with the registration of 859,477 vehicles in Spain, which represents an increase of 1% compared to 2020 but still a 32% drop compared to the data prior to the crisis, in 2019. Car sales for The rental chains and for companies compensate the private channel, which closes the year with a 13% drop compared to the 2020 data, already burdened by the pandemic, according to the statistics published this Monday by the Anfac and Faconauto employers’ associations.

These organizations attribute this data to the pandemic, uncertainty and the economic crisis, as well as the shortage of microchips at a global level, which has prevented it from being the year of recovery. In fact, despite the progress in the accumulated for the year, the course closes with a last month in which enrollments have fallen by 19%, especially in rent, where the drop has been 45%. Despite this, this channel – closely linked to tourism – closes the year 2021 as the driver of registrations in Spain with a growth of 58.5% compared to the year 2020, in which tourist arrivals were restricted by the pandemic.

Regarding other sales channels, the statistics published this Monday show a fall among individuals during the last month of 19.4%, to 41,814 units, and of 12.8% in the accumulated of the year, to almost 373,000 units. Company vehicle registrations closed the year with a rise of slightly more than 2%, although the last month saw a drop of 13.7%.

“We understand that the cyclical situation of microchips will improve throughout 2022, which will release part of the dammed demand that exists now and that European funds will allow progress in the recovery, which will result in an increase in registrations”, explained the communication director of Anfac, which brings together car manufacturers, Noemí Navas.