Wednesday, October 5

Release of secretaries in the 16th Congress of the PSOE in Murcia

The new secretary general of the PSOE, José Vélez, has been officially appointed in the 16th Congress of the socialist party. Along with Vélez, the new positions destined for the regeneration of the party have also been announced.

Excited, Velez has assured to be “excited”: “Murcian socialists will continue working for this Region. There are many people I love and adore who will work with me.” The secretary recalled his origins as a Calasparra councilor: “I have never forgotten when I entered the house in the town of Calasparra. I saw people who wanted to work for their municipality.”

“We Socialists are stronger and more united than ever and they are coming to get the Region out of this bottomless pit in which the Popular Party put them,” says the secretary.

Vélez has dedicated words of affection to the outgoing secretary, Diego Conesa: “Thanks to you and the rest of the colleagues, you have represented me. You have made an enormous effort.”

Vélez thanked the presence of the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, to the Socialist Congress: “I know of the deep commitment you have for this land.” “The race to govern was never easy. Given what has happened, we would think that we would not get ahead with the pandemic. But with a great socialist, we have overcome this crisis. You have protected the lives of citizens above your own”, has underlined.