Thursday, June 30

Released a pregnant woman held and abused by her partner thanks to a note she threw out the window

Agents of the National Police have released a pregnant woman who was being held and threatened by her partner at her home in the Madrid district of Carabanchel, a spokesperson for the Higher Headquarters of the Madrid Police informed Europa Press this Friday.

The events took place yesterday morning after receiving a call to 091 where a citizen alerted that he had seen a woman throwing a handwritten note out the window asking for help. When the police arrived at the scene, around 6:50 a.m., they could hear the screams of the victim, and given the refusal to open the door, they had to enter by force.

At that moment, the alleged aggressor jumped out of the window, being intercepted in the garage of the building after hitting and injuring several officers. The 44-year-old woman said that her partner had her locked in the house and that he had taken her mobile phone, leaving her incommunicado. In addition, that night he had attacked her with kicks and punches and tried to suffocate her several times.

The agents found in the house numerous doses of narcotic substances as well as tools for the sale of the same and several boxes of cartridges from a firearm. For all these reasons, this 41-year-old man was arrested as allegedly responsible for a crime against public health, illegal detention, mistreatment and attack against a law enforcement officer.