Friday, January 28

REMAX became the first real estate agency to sell a used apartment with Bitcoin in CABA

“The property was listed for $ 100,000 and when we told the owner that we had an interested partner, but wanted to pay in Bitcoin, he did not raise too many objections and we began negotiations,” said Ariel Champanier, president of RE / MAX Premium. .

Despite the risk that the fluctuation of Bitcoin in the markets can present, Champanier cleared up all the doubts that may arise in this regard: “The property is not paid in Bitcoin but in stable cryptocurrencies that trade at the dollar, such as USDT, which are the best known and the ones we use in this case ”.

Although on this occasion, both the buyer and the seller handled cryptocurrencies and they quickly agreed; on other occasions, the cryptocurrencies delivered by the buyer are exchanged for dollars in the exchange and then the buyer is paid in that currency. “It will always depend on the will of the seller,” explained Champanier.

On the other hand, the president of REMAX pointed out in the profile of the buyers: although he emphasizes that the majority are millennials, he warned that there is a young public of 40 years that is receptive.

“First a test transaction of 1 USDT (that is, 1 dollar) was made to see if it arrived correctly and minutes later all the money was transferred.” It was a much simpler operation than a traditional sale because there was a will of both sides, ”stressed Champanier.

Mercado Libre, the kick

In mid-April, Mercado Libre launched the first 100% crypto section within the platform dedicated to the purchase and sale of real estate. The offer included apartments, houses, townhouses, lots and a piece of land in the City of Buenos Aires, Greater Buenos Aires, Santa Fe and Córdoba where seven real estate agencies (Korn, Predial, HDH, Funes, Estudio Galas, Cosa and CHV) participate with 75 properties available.

A point in favor for buyers is the ease of operation: they choose the property of preference, published in dollars, contact the real estate agent and notify that they will make transactions in Bitcoin at the exchange of the day. A trend that is consolidating over time and is already beginning to generate more followers.