Friday, January 28

Remax denounced the Ciudad Real Estate College for “boycott” and “cartelization”

“Remax Argentina and the real estate brokers that adhere to the brand made a complaint to the CNDC, since the company and the independent” adhered “offices maintain that some leaders of these professional associations use their power and political influence to attack the competition, diverting the purposes for which they exist in the first place, “the company said in a statement.

Earlier, in a press conference, the real estate firm detailed that it took action against Cucicba “for boycott, cartelization and abuse of dominant position”.

In that sense, the president of Remax, Sebastian Sosa, He stated that “it is an unfair trade war based on false arguments and disguised as a judicial conflict. The broker associations use their position to prevent the activity of other colleagues.”

“They want us out of the country because we bring innovation to the real estate market and they do not want to renew themselves or improve customer service. Their role should be to ensure the interests of all real estate brokers, not to attack them simply for choosing a different way of working”, Held.

In the letter released to the press, the firm explained that the press conference was also held within the framework of the “Let’s really talk” campaign recently launched by Remax to “give visibility to harassment, discrimination, attacks and false allegations of illegality towards The network. This escalation in the conflict promoted by the Colleges encouraged acts of vandalism in the offices. “

Remax is a company founded in 1973 in the United States that operates in Argentina since 2005.