Wednesday, September 27

Remunerated accounts that resist with 0% rates

The novelties in interest-bearing accounts are related to the absence of changes, despite the fact that the European Central Bank (ECB) has insisted that it will not modify interest rates in 2022. The organization maintains its plans unchanged despite market pressure and the different position maintained by the Fed and the Bank from England.

Thus, the most conservative saver you can still find offers on the market with which you can achieve a maximum return of 5 percent. Of course, you will have to be aware that to achieve this extratype you will have to acquire a certain relationship with the entity.

Also that these offers will be limited both in time and in amount, since they are used by entities as a gateway to win customers.

Bankinter leads the profitability of its accounts

Bankinter it is one of the few entities that has not changed its offer despite the ECB’s accommodative policy. What’s more, it lowered the requirement to access its Salary Account, which offers a remuneration of 5 percent the first year. Thus, if he required the direct debit of a salary of 1,000 euros, but with the arrival of the pandemic it was reduced to 800 euros.

Precisely, the entity highlighted, during the presentation of results, the behavior of this product. The balance stood at 14,900 million euros compared to 12,700 million in 2020. Thanks to a trend, the bank multiplied the portfolio by 2.7 between 2016 and 2021, consolidating the success of a leading product in its segment. In fact, the bank has admitted on several occasions that it is a very profitable product since it serves as an input for the client to contract others.

The Payroll Account pays 5 percent for the first 5,000 euros for one year and 2 percent for the second.

Openbank also remunerates with 5%

The one hundred percent online entity of Banco Santander, Openbank also starts the year without changes in its Welcome Payroll Account. The entity remunerates with 5 percent the first six months to those who domicile a payroll.

From the seventh month the remuneration falls to 0.05 percent for six months. The maximum balance to be remunerated is 5,000 euros and the APR stands at 2.58 percent.

The amount of the required payroll is 900 euros and does not charge commissions of any kind, neither maintenance nor administration.

Returns between 3 and 1 percent

Sabadell Bank has not made any changes to its Expansion Account. The entity offers a return of 3 percent to those who direct the payroll, with a maximum of 10,000 euros. As a point in favor is that it is remunerated indefinitely.

Although it does not charge commissions either, to access the product it is necessary to carry out a credit card transaction per month and have a balance of 30,000 euros in investment products, such as investment funds or pension plans.

In addition, in order to access the account without commissions, it would be necessary to domicile a salary of at least 3,000 euros per month.

Banco Mediolanum remunerates between 1 and 2 percent up to 10,000 euros. For this it is necessary to domicile a payroll of at least 700 euros. In addition, as an additional advantage, the entity offers the possibility of refunding 1 percent of the amount of receipts as long as at least 3 are paid by direct debit and for a maximum amount of 10 euros per month.

Finally, MyInvestor maintains among its product portfolio the MyInvestor 1 percent account, with a remuneration of 1 percent for 12 months and a maximum of 15,000 euros. This offer is attracting new liabilities. In fact, its balance has increased by 37 percent to 480 million euros.

Within these remunerated account products, it meets the exception since it does not require any permanence commitment, but neither does it require a link, so it can be a perfectly valid option if you do not want to domicile your payroll.