Thursday, September 29

Renata Ávila, activist: “People who are not connected have been left without a voice”

The lawyer and activist Renata Ávila analyzed this Friday in Pamplona, ​​together with the journalist Olga Rodríguez, the impact that social networks and the era of hyper-connectivity have had on rights and freedoms. Ávila has criticized that in the era of relentless connection, more than four billion people around the world have been left “forgotten” because they are not connected because they do not have access to new technologies.

The one who has been a lawyer for Julian Assange has also lamented that with the number of tools that the current society has to access information, it is a society poorly informed by the algorithmic systems that “tell us what we should read”. “Although we believe we are informed, having requested a homogeneous and democratized access to information, means that we only consume what the algorithm tells us.”

In this regard, Olga Rodríguez added that certain media outlets have also contributed to misinformation, which have decided that certain topics are “not of interest” based on the audience. “And a poorly informed society is a manipulable society,” she lamented.

To conclude, the two have reflected on the rise of parties that seek to regress some rights in countries where access to education is universal and there are many tools to inform themselves and have called for trying to get away from the noise to reflect and think .

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