Friday, December 3

Renew or die: Tidal launches free plan and new payment channels for artists

Tidal has made reforms on your subscription plans to catch up. The music streaming service launches a new free plan in the U.S, with the final purpose of “being more competitive” and “continuing to connect artists and fans.” The pressure of the free plan and some Spotify offers must be high.

Just like Spotify, this plan includes “limited” ad breaks in order to be profitable. The advantage of 80 million playlists is mentioned, although it is not specified whether there will be access to individual songs.

If you pay more, we pay more to your favorite artist

Another change has been the price change of Tidal Hi-Fi, which happens to cost $ 9.99 per month. Charging $ 19.99 a month to access high-quality songs stopped making sense as competitors like Apple Music advertised lossless quality and spatial audio in their catalog for half the price.

We can also see it in another way: subscribers who paid the $ 9.99 per month of the standard Tidal plan now they go on to have high quality audio. Of course, no ads.

The most expensive plan, with a monthly fee of $ 19.99 and called Tidal Hi-Fi Plus, will contain the music in calidad MQA (Master Quality Authenticated). It is a lossy format, but capable of interpreting the data of the songs so that they sound practically as if they had the format lossless original.

This plan also allows its customers early access to exclusive content, and 10% of the $ 19.99 per month for each user will go to pay directly to the artist who listens the most. It’s a new form of retribution out of the blue that can appeal to musicians. Users will also be able to see directly how much money the artists have received from what they pay per month.

Time will tell if these plans get traction. Spotify and Apple Music dominate, but any alternative free plan can do the trick. At the moment the change will be present in the United States and it remains to be seen if it will end up reaching Spain and other countries.

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