Saturday, December 10

Renfe dismisses two managers of the Extremadura line after the driver did not appear on a trip between Madrid and Badajoz

The president of Renfe, Isaías Táboas, has dismissed those responsible for Public Service (Media Distancia) and Commercial Services (Alvia and Intercity) on the Madrid-Extremadura line after the new incident that occurred on Tuesday afternoon, which caused delays and that passengers had to sit on the floor of the wagons.

This event, which occurred because the driver of the Alvia who was supposed to make the Madrid-Badajoz route at 4:38 p.m. did not show up and his replacement lacked the authorization to drive the train, has once again generated outrage in Extremaduran society and It has been described as shameful by all the parties represented in the regional Chamber.

Renfe explained this afternoon that once the internal investigation was carried out, it testifies that the delay of the Alvia Madrid-Badajoz was caused “by the concatenation of errors in the assignment of driving staff graphics”. The report confirms, on the one hand, the non-assignment of a reserve driver and, on the other, the lack of the necessary authorization for driving the 730 series train (with which the Alvia service is provided) of another driver who was available.

This accumulation of errors, at a time of maximum commitment of Renfe with Extremadura, in which the entire organization has been prepared to give maximum priority to the service provided to citizens in this community, explains the dismissals, details in his note .

Remember that after the accumulation of these errors, a train of the 599 series of Medium Distance was finally available, with 29 seats available less than those that had been sold for the Alvia service.

Renfe offered these 29 travelers alternative road transport, which some accepted but others preferred to go by train, even knowing that the only way to travel was without an assigned seat.

Renfe adds that the train finally arrived at its destination, 53 minutes late, the full amount of the ticket has been returned and it has apologized to the travelers and the Extremaduran institutions.