Sunday, September 19

Renfe drivers are studying going on strike if the trains suppressed by the pandemic are not replaced

The railway machinists’ union (Semaf) has announced the possibility of calling a strike at Renfe if the railway company does not replace the trains suppressed as a result of the pandemic.

The Semaf, which represents 85% of the train drivers, denounces that there is a “chaos” in Renfe “that prevents the service from being provided to the train user normally” and ensures that the non-replacement of trains at the service of the citizen and the breach of the employment plan “are collapsing the system.”

The union has announced this Wednesday that it has taken the previous step to a possible strike by summoning the Renfe management to two conflict commissions, reports EFE. In them it intends to address, in addition to the aforementioned issues, the breach of the 2007 agreements due to the transfer of management of the suburbs to Catalonia and the integrity of the company’s staff.

It adds in a statement that throughout the entire Spanish geography “there is no service that works properly” and ensures that Renfe “literally leaves users lying around, schedules trains for which it has no personnel or vehicles and is leading the system to collapse. ”.

The Semaf denounces that Renfe is not complying with the employment plan included in the Agreement, which is why it assures that there are missing drivers and that “prevents many of the scheduled trains from leaving.”

The union warns that crowds are taking place in many commuter services “due to the lack of frequencies and, in turn, due to the non-replacement” of trains and drivers.

He stresses that this situation “is going to get worse” because Renfe, explains the Semaf, “is delaying the processes of entry of personnel, at the same time that hundreds of departures of the group will take place by December.”