Saturday, May 28

Rent Seguro launches Foundation to promote access to housing for families at risk

With the intention of preventing more families from falling into the risk of “social exclusion”, the company Alquiler Seguro has launched this Thursday, on its 15th anniversary, a social foundation to promote access to housing, which has had the journalist as godmother Mary King.

“After 15 years working and doing corporate social work, we have realized that we needed a slightly more serious, more formal vehicle, to be able to continue doing this social work and continue helping our families who have difficulties,” he told elDiario. .is the president of the company, Antonio Carroza, who has added that with this initiative they seek to prevent more families from crossing “that limit of no return.”

During the anniversary ceremony, Carroza stressed that this is the culmination of a process “of optimizing profits and social welfare”, at a time when the company is going through a stage of growth, internationalization, diversification and professionalization. “A vehicle is needed that continues to remind us that our contribution to society must be continuous, structured and efficient,” he stressed.

For this reason, he explained that the Secure Rental Foundation arises in order to integrate “all the solidarity efforts” that have been carried out since 2007 to “achieve the promotion of rental as a worthy solution to access to housing that our Constitution offers us and the protection for families at risk of social exclusion”.

The journalist María Rey has also dedicated a few words to those present and has highlighted that “these are not times to be in profile” to reality. In her participation, she has said that the “convulsive” times experienced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic force us to “help”.

“When you called me, I thought: a foundation that is there to help people who are at risk of social exclusion, who want to help them have a decent life and what is more decent than having a home? Well, you also have to help in some way, ”she emphasized.

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