Wednesday, December 8

Rents in the suburbs rose 60% in the north and 44% in the south

In the breakdown by zones, the average rental price of a 50 m2 two-room apartment in the north of Greater Buenos Aires is $ 47,278, 3.5% more than the previous month. “The supply of properties for rent in this area remains low,” the portal said. For its part, a unit with three rooms and 70 m2 amounts to $ 68,581.

The neighborhoods that stand out for having the most expensive rentals are Troncos del Talar and Nordelta with values ​​of $ 71,948 and $ 70,426 per month. At the other end, those with the lowest prices are José León Suárez and San Miguel with $ 30,179 and $ 34,216. Relative to last year, the highest increases are in Belén de Escobar and Nordelta with 115.3% and 114.3%.

In the south and west areas, renting a 50 m2 two-room apartment costs an average of $ 31,534 per month. This figure shows a rise of 3.7% in relation to September. In the case of a 3-room, 70-m2 property, the rent is $ 42,396 per month. Compared to last year, 75% of the neighborhoods register an increase of more than 50%.

The highest rents are found in the neighborhoods of Don Bosco and Sáenz Peña with monthly prices of $ 51,861 and $ 41,011. Conversely, the cheapest are in Merlo and Dock Sud with $ 22,669 and $ 25,872. The highest year-on-year increases were recorded in Ezeiza and Villa Tesei with 118.8% and 107.2% respectively.

As for the buying and selling market, prices continue to decline in Greater Buenos Aires. In the north they decreased by 0.5% in October, with a cumulative decrease of 4% so far this year. In the south and west, the monthly drop is 0.8% and the accumulated rate is 5.1%.

A 50 m2 two-room apartment costs $ 112,877 in the northern part of the GBA. The average square meter has a value of $ 2,295. The highest values ​​are those of the municipality of Vicente López (2,867 dollars / m2), while the lowest are found in José C. Paz (1,262 dollars / m2). San Isidro and San Fernando have the highest price range.

In the south and west of Greater Buenos Aires, an average of US $ 90,022 is needed to buy a 50 m2 two-room apartment. The value of the square meter is located at 1,792 dollars. The municipality with the properties with the highest average price is Lomas de Zamora with 2,081 dollars / m2. At the other end, Hurlingham has the lowest value at $ 1,257 / m2. Ezeiza is the town with the widest range of prices.

In the last 12 months, the drop in sales costs reached 5.4% in the north and 5.8% in the south and west of Greater Buenos Aires.

On the other hand, profitability is 2.97% per year in the north and 2.86% in the south and west. In the northern zone, 33.7 years of rent are needed to repay the purchase investment. In the south and west, 34.9 years. These data reflect a decrease in the time required to recover the investment of 29% and 31% in relation to last year.

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