Wednesday, January 19

Repair your Debt Lawyers cancel € 171,962 to a couple in Valencia with the Second Chance Law

Leading lawyers in the Second Chance Law focus their activity on the application of this mechanism

The Court of First Instance No. 29 of Valencia has issued the Benefit of Exoneration of the Unsatisfied Liability (BEPI) in the case of the marriage formed by RL and HO, being exonerated from a debt of 171,962 euros that they could not cope with. The case has been processed Repair your Debt Lawyers, Law Firm leader in Spain in Second Chance Law. SEE JUDGMENT.

“In 2016 -explain the lawyers from Repair your Debt– suffered from unemployment. For this reason, he started a business with a relative. The results were not what they wanted and they began to drag debts. In addition to managing the delivery of the home through payment in payment, there were more loans that they could not assume. Initially they lived in Albacete and when they started business they moved to Valencia. They came and went but could not assume the mortgage and the rent ”. The contestants went to Repair your Debt lawyers looking for a solution. Now, they can get a second chance and start from scratch.

The Law of Second Chance It entered into force in Spain in 2015 after its approval by Parliament. There is some ignorance about this legislation. However, there are already more than 15,500 individuals and freelancers who have gone to court to cancel debts that they have contracted since they cannot cope with them.

Put yourself in the hands of a Law Firm Professional and specialized is essential to face the process with guarantees. In this sense, Repair your Debt Lawyers focuses its activity exclusively on the application of this legislation.

One of the keys to knowing that we have chosen correctly is to have success stories. At present the Law Firm It is the one that has taken the most cases in Spain and the one that has paid the most debt to its clients, having exceeded 60 million euros. As Ana Isabel García, director of the firm, explains, “our cases can be checked on our website since we upload all the sentences so that any interested person can consult them. In addition, some of those exonerated explain their success story in the first person so that other individuals and freelancers decide to take the step and start the second chance process ”.

Bertín Osborne, who helps the Law Firm to the diffusion of this law, it recognizes that “it is a legislation still very unknown among many ruined people. That is why it is necessary to go to the lawyers specialized to find out and thus be able to start from scratch eliminating the debts contracted ”. is not responsible for the veracity or accuracy of this or any other related information