Friday, September 24

Report drop of Instagram worldwide | Digital Trends Spanish

Users around the world have reported the fall of Instagram this Thursday, September 2.

Although, at the moment, the social network still works with errors and intermittently, there was a moment when it was not possible to update the feed or send or receive messages.

The failure was also reported by the site Downdetector, which specializes in communicating the fall of the most popular social network services, such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

According to the site, the incident affects users of the Android operating system as well as those who have iOS.

Instagram is currently one of the most used social networks and has more than 1,200 million active accounts.

For this reason, a drop in its performance is widely reported by its users. For this reason, many have turned to other platforms such as Twitter to report what happened and seek more background.

In fact, in this network the hashtag #InstagramDown has already become a trend, with which people share the inconveniences they have encountered when accessing this service during the present day.

This hasn’t been the only Instagram downfall in recent months. In June, the platform also suffered a major global failure, which also affected WhatsApp and Facebook.

At the moment, Instagram has not delivered an official version about it, although it is expected that in the next few minutes, the platform can explain the reasons for this new drop in its service.

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