Wednesday, December 7

Republicans win majority in US House of Representatives

After a scrutiny that has lasted more than a week since the elections on November 8, the Republicans have taken control of the majority in the US House of Representatives this Wednesday.

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According to the projections of the television channels CNN and NBC, the Republicans have already secured 218 of the 435 seats. It is the minimum necessary to guarantee power in that chamber.

The Democrats, for their part, currently have 210 seats and accumulate a net loss of 11 seats compared to the previous elections.

As of late Wednesday, the vote count is still active in 8 constituencies: in 7 of them the dispute is between a Democratic candidate and another Republican, while in a seat in California the contest is between two Democrats.

The congressman of this last seat is already counted for practical purposes among the Democratic ranks, but the name of the person who finally occupies that position has yet to be known.

The victory in the House of Representatives will give conservatives the ability to substantially hinder the legislative agenda of the president, Joe Biden, starting in January – the date on which the new legislature begins – and for the next two years.

The House presidency is currently held by Democrat Nancy Pelosi and the Republican Party on Tuesday nominated current Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to succeed her starting in January. Since 2021, the Democrats have a majority in both the Lower House and the Senate.

The progressives managed to secure control of the upper house in the midterm elections by winning enough seats to reach 50 senators out of a total of 100, a sufficient number because the tie-breaking vote falls in the hands of the vice president, Kamala Harris.

As of January, therefore, the US Congress will be divided, with the Democrats leading the Senate -which plays a key role, for example, in the confirmation of government posts- and the Republicans leading the House of Representatives, which controls everything related to fiscal legislation and budget.

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