Saturday, October 1

Rescued 18 migrants, two of them minors, from a small boat 39 miles from Cabo de Gata

Maritime Rescue rescued this Saturday 18 migrants of North African origin, including two minors and two women, who were traveling aboard a small boat 39 miles from Cabo de Gata, in Almería. Also, during the rescue, he has assisted six other North African migrants who were cared for on the Alborán Island.

The Government highlights the “collaboration with Morocco” in the 34% decrease in the arrival of migrants to Andalusia

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Maritime Rescue sources have reported that the Civil Guard has requested the services of the state agency after locating a boat 39 miles from Cabo de Gata. Salvamento Marítimo has sent the salvamar Spica to the indicated place.

Once the 18 migrants who were traveling on board the boat were rescued, the salvamar has headed towards the Alborán Island, where it has located another six people.

Landing in Motril

The migrants have been transferred from the salvamar Spica to the salvamar Gienah, which has transferred them to the Port of Motril (Granada), where they arrived around 4:20 p.m. this Saturday.

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