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Research suggests that 36% of Brazilians want to test cryptocurrency payments

A survey commissioned by Rapyd, an Israeli payment method fintech, suggests that 36% of Brazilians want to test cryptocurrency payments.

In Brazil, this fintech, which operates globally in over 100 countries, has clients such as Hotmart and Cornershop, and has partnerships with Dock, PagBrasil, SafetyPay, Banco Rendimento, among others.

The study carried out with Brazilians shows behavior trends in relation to payment technologies, citing options such as credit cards, Google and Apple Pay, and cryptocurrencies.

Research suggests that 36% of Brazilians want to test cryptocurrency payments

A study shows the third phase of a survey promoted by Rapyd, a fintech unicorn founded in Israel, which works with 900 payment methods in 100 countries.

With the participation of 435 people, between men and women aged between 20 and 65 years, the study aimed to assess the myths, fears and habits related to digital means of payment.

Thus, the study addressed a world where there would be no paper money or plastic cards, with all consumption done via digital media. Thus, 36% of Brazilians interviewed by the study indicated that they would be willing to try cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.

The most voted option with 80% wanting to try payments via social networks, and the least interesting, with only 22%, was via voice payments, using Siri and Alexa, for example.

However, when asked which technologies they found more difficult to adopt., 49% of people chose cryptocurrencies, indicating that there is still resistance to this technology. Payments by voice were even considered more difficult, with 50% of people indicating this option in the survey.

What stands out in the study entitled “The Future of Payment Methods” is that most people did not make purchases via live streaming on social networks, and most of them do not intend to do so.

Thus, people indicated that they “Agree” that online shopping is more useful when used for important products, with 64% of the responses in this regard.

Research on payment methods mentions that cryptocurrencies are still difficult to use / Disclosure: Rapyd

The survey data were shared by Rapyd with Livecoins and show an interesting and promising scenario for cryptocurrencies as a means of online payments in the future, with several Brazilians indicating they are willing to try this modality.

Even so, “25% were emphatic in saying that they would not accept to pay or receive amounts for cryptocurrencies“, showing that there is still a fear of technology.

Among Rapyd’s investors, who were responsible for the research, is Fidelity Management and Research Company, which in the United States already holds Bitcoin for clients. Another investor in Israeli fintech is Stripe, which exited the cryptocurrency market in 2018 and announced its return now in 2021.

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