Monday, September 20

Resident Evil herbs are real and you can buy them | Digital Trends Spanish

Who have played any Resident Evil, Whether old or new, they will know that herbs are an important element: they allow you to recover the poor health of the game. Well, Capcom has decided that these herbs should be more than just a digital object and therefore they have begun to sell them on its official site in Japan.

The herbs of resident Evil They cost 550 yen (roughly $ 5 equivalent) and come in red and green varieties. However, these herbs do not make you feel better, nor do they have the effect of an aspirin because they are actually bath salts.

Technically, it is as if the herbs had ground them and changed their usefulness, but beyond that, it is an interesting and novel object for fans of the series, who will surely buy them for two reasons: first, because they are very cheap and second, because even if they do not use them to take a bath, they well serve as a collector’s item.

These herbs are just one of several items that Capcom is releasing for sale related to Resident Evil; In the same store there are also perfumes in varieties that would be those used by Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy or Jill Valentine, protagonists of the saga throughout several of their games. These perfumes are somewhat more expensive and cost around $ 60.

Unfortunately, both herbs and perfumes, pencils and other objects of resident Evil released for sale by Capcom will remain, apparently for now, only in Japan. But in one way or another this may serve to compensate for the delay in Resident Evil Re: Verse, game that was going to be released this year as annex to Village, but that Capcom moved to 2022.

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