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Restaurants where you can try fritti napoletani without having to travel to Naples

Beyond pizzas, in Naples they have a gastronomic tradition less known in Spain that can be found on the menus of many gastronomic establishments, above all, in panzerotti or fritters.

Its about Neapolitan frittoa street food that consists of a dough filled with potatoes, rice, pasta, pizza, cheeses, vegetables or even donuts, battered and, of course, then fried in abundant oil until it is so golden that you cannot resist eating it.

Also called cuoppothese Neapolitan delicacies that were already common at the beginning of the 19th century, can be sweet or savory and have the shape of a ball or a pie or a cone, to name a few examples.

types of fried

We are going to propose where to try them, but first, we will explain what some of the best known consist of:

  • Panzerotti: a fried pizza dough stuffed with tomato sauce and mozzarellaor other ingredients.
  • Arancini: well-known breaded and fried rice balls, similar to supplì Romano, which are filled with ragù, peas, cheese, ham and/or mozzarella.
  • pasta frittata: It is known as a pasta tortilla, although it does not resemble the Spanish one, since it is a fried pasta timbale filled with peas, minced meat and cheese.
  • Mozzarella in carrozza: sheets of mozzarella wrapped in two slices of bread coated in egg and/or milk and then fried.
  • potato crocche: potatoes, eggs, breadcrumbs and fryer, which is something similar to a potato croquette.
  • SciurilliPairing: salted courgette flowers still closed, battered and fried in abundant oil.
  • Scagliozzoli: polenta dried for a few days after preparation so that it can be fried without melting in hot oil, cut into small triangles and salted.
  • fried capitone: it is, basically, clean female eel, cut into pieces, passed through flour and later fried.
  • fried calzone: you can’t miss the mozzarella, tomato and basil filling. When the pizza dough is filled and folded, it is fried in the pan like a dumpling.
  • Fried sweet zeppole: round dough filled with pastry cream, chocolate, hazelnuts or other ingredients according to taste; They are similar to fritters.

restaurants of fritti napoletani

Currently, all these Neapolitan fritters are beginning to arrive in Spain, served by specialized restaurants such as the ones listed below.

👉🏼 Pizzeria Da Nanni It is the Barcelona temple of authentic Neapolitan cuisine, even for those who miss their homeland in Spain. Its restaurants, in the gothic heart of Barcelona and in El Born, they offer an extensive menu from which you can taste some of the traditional Neapolitan fritters.

Between them, Frittata di bucatini in tempura: a sautéed pasta and fried bechamel sauce; potato croquettes with mozzarella buffalo: one of the most famous cheeses among its kitchens; some arancini of rice and one of the most famous starters, fiori di zucca: fried pumpkin in the shape of a flower and stuffed with cottage cheese. Carrer de la Llibreteria, 10 and Carrer del Rec, 30.

👉🏼 L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele It was the winner, after more than 150 years of experience, of the award for the best artisanal pizzeria chain of 2021, according to 50 Top Pizza. It could be said that the Condurro family, its creator, after conquering Italy with its restaurants, expanded throughout the world taking Neapolitan techniques to Japan, the United States, Spain and many other countries.

With this recognition of their merits, their fritti napoletani they cannot be left behind: fried bread, provola cheese, salt, pepper, egg; strips of fried pizza dough, Neapolitan tomato ragù and stracciatella pugliese; and a folded fried pizza with a filling of infinite ingredients and many others that leave no one indifferent. Consell de Cent Street, 336, Barcelona.

👉🏼 In L’Antico Borgo Napoletano give consistency to its pizzas under the wood oven, quality to the pasta with the hands of its artisans and flavor to the fritti napoletani with traditional techniques.

In this case, the Calzone fried stuffed with ricottasalami, ciccioli and black pepper is one of the options fritti of the letter, although the true traditional recipe corresponds to the Melanzane alla parmigianasome fried aubergines in Italian tomato sauce with cheese mozzarellaparmesan and basil. Carrer d’Escudellers Blancs, 14, Barcelona.

👉🏼 Caprizza It is, without a doubt, one of the Spanish restaurants with the greatest variety. It’s in Valencia and its masters of Neapolitan food are committed to creating their dishes in a traditional way, but with innovative touches. They have a section for and for these fried foods that are so requested.

They highlight the frittata, some medallions of fried dough accompanied by ingredients such as bechamel sauce, longaniza, minced meat or many others to taste. Although, perhaps, the best idea to not miss anything is the dish called Gran Fritto Napoletano, a table with a variety of these such as panzerotti, arancinietc. Passeig de l’Albereda, 39. Valencia.

Restaurants where you can try some fritti options

👉🏼 In Matteo Italian Cuisine, you will only find one option of the typical Italian fried foods, but the truth is that this is one of the most difficult to find in Spanish territory and, therefore, one of the most original as well as traditional in its country of origin. It is about some fried cheese ravioli with sauce of parmigiano. Peace Market, Calle Ayala, 28, Madrid.

👉🏼 The trattoria Luna Rossa It became famous for a visit that President Pedro Sánchez shared on Twitter, but its Neapolitan cuisine is one of the most authentic in Madrid, as we have already told you in this report. Although they don’t have it on the menu, her fried pizza is one of the most attractive suggestions. C. San Bernardo, 24, Madrid.

👉🏼 On the tasting menu of Cinquecento You’ll only find brie cheese battered with cranberry compote and smoked parmigiana from fried aubergines. Of course, despite the fact that the letter from fritti not be extensive, other typical Neapolitan dishes abound in their menu. Avenue of the Port, 3, Valencia.

👉🏼 Something similar happens in the four restaurants of Mother Lievito in Barcelonawhere he Calzone “fried in the oven” is an essential in its menu and its ingredients are religion for any lover of Italian cuisine: cheese latte flower, ricotta buffalo, sweet ham, reggiano matured for 24 months, extra virgin olive oil and black pepper. Calle de la Llacuna, 1; Carrer dels Almogàvers, 148; Carrer Creu Coberta, 105; Majorca Street, 270.

👉🏼 Many are the fritti napoletani available in Spaccanapoli: frittata stuffed with minced meat, peas, sweet ham and bechamel sauce; crochet potatoes stuffed with smoked mozzarella; battered cod; Andalusian-style fried squid; Zucchini flower stuffed with cheese ricotta, mozzarella smoked and fried in tempura; or breaded burrata accompanied with sautéed tomato sauce. Carrer del Rec Comtal, 6, Barcelona.

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