Monday, December 6

Restrictions and variants hit Amadeus titles squarely

The titles of Amadeus They lost about 15 percent during the first hour of trading on the IBEX 35, up to 53 euros.

The value would return to mid-September prices if it closes at levels similar to those that started the session. The punishment for titles is even higher than for IAG, which tends to notice the impact more every time the tourism sector falls en bloc.

The market estimates that the restrictions on mobility that already exist in several European territories will increase and will be a blow to the waterline of Amadeus’ business, after the irruption of the new South African variant.

The Christmas campaign, in check

Amadeus is responsible for providing technological solutions to the travel industry and its technology is the most used in the Viejo Continente by tourism companies for travel management.

The Christmas campaign is starting now and with travel blockades gaining strength in Europe, lThe industry begins to discount that it will also lose this campaign to relaunch its business.

The same situation is discounted for IAG, the second value that falls the most on the IBEX 35, and the airport manager is not far behind Aena, the third listed company that fell the most in this session.

Meliá, the least damaged

The fourth in discord, Meliá, tries to sustain the bleeding with falls of 5 percent, thus distancing itself from the greater losses of the rest of the sector. Its high exposure to Spain, where the control of the coronavirus is a reference in Europe, makes the impact more limited.

In addition, Meliá has been bringing together improvements in recommendations and target prices for a few weeks by different investment firms with global impact, such as UBS and Jefferies that indicate that the value still does not pick up the recovery of the business.

The valuations of Meliá differ from those of IAG. The company has seen how in a little more than a month and a half it registered an avalanche of advice and falling prices. On several occasions from the brokers who had been most optimistic about the value.

The sector falls equally in Europe

Damage to tourism components is widespread in Europe. The Stoxx600 Travel & Leisure, which brings together the listed companies in the leisure and tourism sector, opened with falls of more than 6 percent.

Among the most touched companies was the cruise group Carnival, which lost more than 15 per cent, while IAG opened 20 per cent down in London, although it eventually stabilized the cuts at around 10 per cent.

Among airlines, Lufthansa more than 10 percent was left, while Wizz Air and Ryanair they lost 9 percent.

The big hotel chains ran the same fate, with Accor marking a crash over 10 percent. or Scandic Hotels 6.5 percent.

Regarding tour operators, the German company Tui suffered falls of more than 10 percent, down from the 8.5 percent that the group lost On the Beach.

Finally, airport operators were not spared the punishment either. Thus, Aena competitors such as Fraport O Zurich Airport they lost between 6 and 8 percent.

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