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Results of the 13F: the map of the vote to the left and right in Castilla y León

Source: Castile and León

Consult live on the results of the 13F elections in Castilla y León grouped by left-wing blocs (PSOE and United We Can), right-wing (PP, Ciudadanos and Vox) and other parties (including UPL, XAV and EV).

In which municipalities and provinces are the parties of the left, the formations of the right-wing bloc or the rest of the parties leading? By how many votes do they win? What does your vote look like based on population density? How has it changed compared to the last elections? The bloc on the left of the previous elections includes Podemos and IU, who ran separately.

To see which block is up or down compared to the previous 2019 elections, in the following table you can check the distribution of the vote to the left, right and other parties in each province and in the 13 most populated cities. The variation, in percentage points, with respect to the results of the last voting is also shown.

The blocks in each province

Large cities (+30,000 inhabitants)

The distribution of the vote to each bloc has changed in recent years in Castilla y León. The rise of regional formations has made it more evident that the division is no longer just between the national left and right.

Check here what the balance was like between the formations of the left (PSOE, Podemos and IU in 2019 and PSOE and United We Can in 2022), those of the right (PP, Ciudadanos and Vox) and the rest of the parties in 2019, and how has remained in these elections in each municipality of more than 100 voters.

How has voting for ideological blocs changed?

Distribution of the votes among the parties of lefts (PSOE and UP in 2022; PSOE, Podemos and IU in 2019), of rights (PP, Vox and Cs) and the others, in the regional elections of 2019 and 2022. Each circle represents a municipality of Castilla y León. The size adjusts to the electoral census and the color, to the winning block



*Municipalities whose electoral census is less than 100 people are not included

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