Monday, September 20

Rethinking boobs

A few days ago Cristina Durán was forbidden to get on the Valencia bus for wearing a top with too much cleavage, the driver alluded that it could be offensive to other passengers. Cristina felt discriminated against.

In networks, a lot of excitement was generated: if the top was a top or a bra (because if in the online store the product itself is called a bad bra, but what if there is a crop-top that covers only the nipple, that would be fine?), If her breasts were a monument (Luis del Pino’s tweet), if instead of a woman’s chest, it would have been a man’s chest if they had acted in the same way (would a man in top or with a very pronounced manly neckline?) or If instead of having large breasts, Cristina had had small breasts, she would have acted in the same way (Small breasts are invisible now or what 😶?).

In Italy, where I am now traveling, you can’t go topless on most beaches, but tiny bikinis and thongs can. Curiously, in Spain, where topless is so normalized (there are quite a few American and Latin American people who are surprised that on any beach you can go topless), the number of women who go topless has dropped by 3%, according to tit & tit girls, the reason? The complexes and the onlookers.

Tits, breasts, cabbages, melons, coconuts, cherries, udders, breasts …

What is the great sin that our breasts have committed that are so offensive? Neither pronounced necklines, nor female nipples that can be sensed under the fabric, they must be censored, lest they cause an observer, because, be careful, if something happens to you and you are showing your body, the fault is still yours, the same is that you were dressed asking for war, or as they told Cristina, who wanted to draw attention by complaining. Have we returned to prehistory again or is it that we never left it?

Who is watching? Who do we have to hide our boobs from and why?

I can understand the dress-code from certain places: ties in offices, uniforms in hospitals, casual T-shirts on Fridays. It is also true that some do not understand them because of how little useful they are: how does it benefit to wear a suit jacket and long pants to the office in July? Certainly in the heat that men who do it go through, no, I had a boss who always wore a suit, except at formal company parties, where he was seen wearing a cotton polo shirt and taking shots of Jägermeister at ease . Person of contrasts.

The female breast, large or small, is not a new invention, and it is certainly not in the body purely for the sexual amusement of some people. There have always been boobs and we have not always or everywhere covered or censored them, for example, there are still a few tribes left among southern Ethiopia, northern Kenya where traditional clothing survives, in which women go with bare breasts. What can we learn from this? That we have created that narrative around boobs. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, shame and judgment, too.

Are we interested in continuing to have that narrative? Isn’t the idea of ​​boobs = sex a bit outdated? Let’s remember: that a nipple is sensed under the fabric, that a neckline is wide, it is not porn for anyone, it does not give anyone permission to touch without consent. Is it that if tomorrow fetishism becomes mainstreamWe will all have to hide our feet lest someone get excited? It is not going to be that our toes are now ordinary with the pedicure done. Everything in this life is sexualizable, we are the ones who establish where the social acceptance is. Perhaps it does not matter if it was a top or a pretty brallette bra, perhaps the most important reflection is how to build another look around the boobs so that we feel comfortable with a top, bralette, topless, without a bra or how we decide to wear them boobs, which are ours for something.