Wednesday, July 6

Retired Peruvian military ask by letter to ignore Castillo’s triumph

Correspondent in Lima



Until the National Electoral Jury (JNE) declares an official winner of the presidential elections in Peru, there will be no rest for the current government. On Friday night, the interim president, Francisco Sagasti, had to come forward with an emergency speech to reject a letter – presented on Thursday at the headquarters of the Joint Command of the Armed Forces – where hundreds of retired soldiers ask the Forces Armies that prevent the leftist Pedro Castillo from being eventually proclaimed the winner. They are also asked to intervene and carry out a coup d’état after a “fraudulent election” was held, echoing the denunciations of the right-wing candidate Keiko Fujimori.

Sagasti, in her televised message, asked the Defense Minister to coordinate the sending of these letters to the Public Ministry so that, within the framework of its powers and functions, carry out the necessary investigations “To determine possible conducts harmful to the constitutional order.”

Meanwhile, yesterday in Lima marches of the followers of Castillo and Fujimori were called to defend the vote. The Minister of the Interior, José Elice, announced that 3,000 police officers would monitor the demonstrations in order for them to take place “in a peaceful manner and without interrupting the vaccination process.”

On Castillo’s side, the political party ‘Nuevo Peru’ converges, led by Verónika Mendoza, unions, civil and social organizations such as ‘Grupo Valentín’, ‘Peru may’, among others under the slogan “No to a coup d’état.” ‘Popular Force’, for its part, summoned his followers through a video where Fujimori invites them to march in the area known as ‘field of Mars’: “When lies attack us, when the trap advances, when injustice threatens , that is the moment to unite and resist. United we can do everything.

Prosecutor’s request

So far, the ‘Fuerza Popular’ party of the right-wing candidate has filed 943 appeals for annulment, which until now have been rejected in the special electoral juries arranged at the national level. This has led to the submission of 142 appeals that will be reviewed next week by the JNE members.

On the other hand, on June 21, Judge Víctor Zuñiga will review the request of the prosecutor José Domingo Pérez to order the preventive detention of Fujimori, for the case of money laundering and for which he asks for 30 years and 10 months, when breaking the code of conduct and meet with a witness to the case.

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