Sunday, March 26

Retiree softens with protest to ask for less digital banks | Digital Trends Spanish

Carlos San Juan, a 78-year-old retired Spanish doctor, is campaigning for bank customer service to continue to be performed by humans.

The professional acknowledges that he felt excluded after some entities launched an online banking system, thus replacing the human workers dedicated to this task.

Because of this, San Juan delivered a letter signed by more than 610,000 people to Spanish government officials.

In recent days, the campaign of this neighbor of Valencia has added several followers. In fact, he received the call from the governor of the Bank of Spain, the central bank of the European nation.

In addition, from the Executive they exhorted the banking entities to ensure that they meet the needs of the elderly.

For her part, Nadia Calviño, the Spanish Minister of Economy and Digital Transformation, promised San Juan effective measures to solve this problem before the end of the month.

Through a request on its website, San Juan pointed out that “today almost everything is done online… and we don’t understand those machines. We do not deserve this exclusion”, he affirmed in addition to demanding “human attention” when he goes to a bank.

The same man acknowledged feeling humiliated when he has to ask an employee for help and criticized that at times he is “treated like an idiot” when he has not been able to carry out an operation online.

Following this episode, his motto on the Change page is “I’m older, not an idiot.”

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