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Reveal the new Ford Ranger 2023 in its global version | Digital Trends Spanish

Ford currently offers two truly exceptional light-duty pickup trucks in the United States. The current Ford F-150, all-new for 2021, continues to be No. 1 in sales in the country despite facing formidable competition from Toyota and its domestic competitors. For its part, the new Ford Maverick, the manufacturer’s first compact pickup in several decades, debuted to stellar reviews and in its first month on the market doubled the sales of its only rival, the Hyundai Santa Cruz, winning a large percentage of buyers. between 18 and 35 years old and becoming the fastest-selling new vehicle in the United States.

But between the F-150 and the Maverick, the Ford rangerA midsize pickup that, while showing no particular disadvantage over its competition, also never showed any significant advantage over established models like the Chevrolet Colorado and Toyota Tacoma, when it returned to the market in 2019 after an eight-year absence.

The current Ranger sold in the United States is a version adapted to American tastes of the global Ford Ranger, which has been sold in South America, Europe, Southeast Asian markets and Oceania for more than a decade. Ford just revealed the long-awaited replacement for the Global Ranger, and from what we’ve been able to see, the change looks promising.

The first thing that strikes you about the new generation of the global Ranger is its similarity to the Maverick design, with which it will coexist only in the Americas. This identity is especially noticeable in the front area with a Maverick-like C-shaped LED headlight design and a horizontally split grille reminiscent of both the Maverick and the F-150, creating a familiar identity between. all three designs.

Striking and sharper new design cues than ever before, make the new Ranger look larger than its predecessor, which is attested by a 2.0-inch longer wheelbase and 2.0-inch lateral wheelbase. wider. The new Ranger will remain a body-on-frame vehicle and will use a suspension setup similar to that of the pickup it replaces, with the exception of the rear shocks that are now mounted outside of the frame rails.

As in the Maverick, The cargo box, has notches to secure various accessories such as dividers or bicycle racks, its gate was designed to accommodate the use of various tools, including electrical that can be connected to sockets located on the sides of the box, which is equipped with anchors and rails put there in consultation with consumers who explained to Ford what their needs were in a vehicle like this.

Ford did not talk about the, or the engines, that it will offer for the North American Ranger, but the global model will debut a new 3.0-liter turbodiesel V6, and a 2.0-liter four-cylinder diesel that can be obtained in turbo and twin-turbo versions. All three engines can be mated to a 6-speed manual transmission or a 10-speed automatic transmission. No development figures were reported for any of the engines.

It is reasonable to expect that Ford continue to offer the current model’s 2.3-liter EcoBoost turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which produces 270 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque in the 2021 Ranger mated to a 10-speed engine. But further development versions, like a possible Ranger Raptor, may also be offered with the same 2.7-liter biturbo V6 that the Bronco uses, and an electrified version is a must. What we can rule out is a North American Ranger with a manual transmission.

The cockpit of the next Ford Ranger is a huge step up from the lackluster design it replaces. The new model will feature a 10.1-inch touchscreen as standard equipment, and will offer a gigantic 12.0-inch portrait-oriented display as an option. In both cases the screen will serve to interact with vehicle functions such as the selection of driving modes, terrain monitoring, climate controls, and of course with the SYNC 4 infotainment system. The center console shows a wireless charging surface and there is cargo areas in the doors and under the rear seats.

The new Ford Ranger will begin production early next year at Ford’s plants in Thailand and South Africa. We hope to hear soon the final details on the variant that will be sold in the United States, as it should reach the brand’s dealerships in the fourth quarter of 2022 as a 2023 model.

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