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Huawei MateView review: well balanced in size and functions

“Due to its format, 4K + resolution, various ports and connectivity options, the Huawei MateView becomes an ideal monitor to carry out any project or simply entertain yourself with a chapter of a series”


  • 4K + resolution

  • Good amount of ports and entrances

  • Accurate audio

  • Sleek and minimalist design


  • Not so intuitive interface

  • No remote control to access the different options

The monitor Huawei MateView It has certain characteristics that make it ideal to place on the desk or work table. After reviewing the curved version of the family, the MateView GT, it’s time to talk about the experience with its “flat brother”.

It is convenient to start with its minimalist and elegant design. The display 28.2-inch is attached to an arm by means of a bracket that slides up and down, and which also allows the panel to be moved at different angles. Of course, it is not possible to move it sideways.

The arm adds other interesting elements: in addition to the multiple ports and inputs, and the power button, it houses a speaker that offers stereo sound. The square base also includes a connection zone to link a compatible cell phone in order to view its screen and even use it as a computer on the monitor, all wirelessly.

Unlike the MateView GT, the flat version may be better suited to a medium desktop in order to perform tasks efficiently. Its aluminum materials help it to integrate with various styles of decoration.

More than just a display

From a video of some Platform of streaming Even still images, when displaying content in the MateView you cannot expect anything other than quality, since its technical characteristics make it possible to display level graphics.

It is a 4K + screen (3,840 x 2,560 pixels) that considers 1,070 million colors to have more precise and realistic gradients, in addition to a brightness of 500 nits (just for reference, conventional monitors can have 250 nits, while the latest generation, 350 nits), which may mean that it is not necessary to use it at its maximum level.

Huawei Mate View

Huawei notes that the MateView is also VESA DisplayHDR certified, which means it has a brighter, more detailed image and a 3: 2 aspect ratio for greater vertical display of content.

In fact, by having a more square shape and not elongated, the display it only facilitates having two windows in sight with good size simultaneously. The MateView GT does allow up to three windows to run at the same time.

This does not mean that the flatbed monitor has a negative impact on productivity. Quite the opposite. People will find a suitable format to compose documents, play videos and edit content with ease, as they have not done on a smaller screen.

When talking about video playback, it really pays to sit in front of the MateView and enjoy HD content from YouTube or other streaming platform. streaming Not everything is work. The level of detail, the contrast and the vivid colors suddenly make you forget that you are in front of a monitor.

The dual speaker system built into the boom also contributes to the multimedia experience. Although the audio will not flood the room where the monitor is placed, it is clear enough that the user does not want to put on their headphones while enjoying an episode of their favorite series.

Regarding video calls, the display Huawei does not incorporate any type of webcam, but it does incorporate dual microphones that “dampen ambient noise, while improving the clarity of people’s voices.”

Connectivity in the full extension of the word

The Huawei MateView comes with what is necessary to link, for example, from the laptop to a media player. Its USB-A (2), USB-C (one of the two is only for power supply), HDMI and MiniDP ports allow it.

The USB-C that serves to transmit the audio and video of the compatible laptop also has the ability to recharge it, so the power adapter can be stored or only used in case you have to go out with your computer equipment.

Huawei Mate View

And for an even more cable-free desktop, the monitor supports wireless projection, which means that if you have an optimal Windows 10 machine, you won’t even need to use cables to use the monitor as a second screen. Against is that the transmission that is reached here is HD, however, it is not that you have a diminished experience.

Finally, Huawei implements what it calls a “smart bar” on its monitor, located below the panel. Through gestures and touches you can control the volume, switch from one video source to another and access the general settings of the screen. It is difficult to adapt to this form of interaction, but after a while the user will be able to take advantage of the tool that interests him the most without complications.


The Huawei MateView monitor becomes an attractive piece for those looking for a second screen with the intention of getting the most out of it both when viewing information and editing multimedia content.

The 28.2 inches are also enough to deploy various applications or go from one desktop to another. And yes, they are ideal to watch the last episodes of the series in turn.

The same recommendation that was made with the MateView GT applies to it. It would not have been a bad idea to implement a remote control in order to control the different options of the monitor, as others in the same segment consider it. The demand is because there are not few options offered by the device.

For the rest, those who decide to buy this equipment, will have the best in resolution (4K +) and a comfortable format to work and entertain.

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