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Review: Mario Golf Super Rush saves par | Digital Trends Spanish

After cricket, no other sport could seem more alien than golf. All I know about this sport is that there is a legend called Tiger Woods who rolled over in his car at the beginning of 2021, and that, for those of us who do not have breakfast with mimosas, the closest experience is those parks where you play miniature golf or miniature golf. Therefore, the series Mario Golf it always went unnoticed until I had to review Mario Golf: Super Rush.

With no idea what the hell a Birdie or a Bogey is, I started playing a mode called Quick Golf which I thought would be the equivalent of a Quick Game, and even though, in a way it is, it struck me as Mario’s implausible chaos. Kart but with Nintendo characters playing golf. I didn’t understand much so I started playing Golf Adventure, which is basically a campaign mode.

Now I can talk about the birdie I once made while drinking a mimosa.

First, if like me in your life you have been interested in golf, Super rush It will be confusing to say the least if you choose to skip the tutorial you find in campaign mode. But, once I started playing it, it didn’t take long for me to understand the basics of playing Mario Golf: you have to look at the map, calculate the power and direction of the shot and be attentive to the speed and direction of the wind. Yes, it is more complicated than Smash and less intuitive than Mario Kart, but yes Mario Golf it’s a simplified golf game, I don’t even want to imagine a title like PGA Tour 2K21. But, once you understand it (and it must be said that it is not Flight Simulator), the campaign is entertaining.

Pure Bogey

The campaign of Mario Golf: Super Rush it has some very basic elements of an RPG video game. You play with your Mii, which plays a rookie player who arrives at a village with other rough diamonds that are minor characters in Mario games, such as Placapum (the koopa who tackled you in Super mario world) and Boo, who certainly needs no introduction. At the beginning you will have to play the tutorials to show that you do have some diamond and you are not just, well, you know. Total that, at the end of the tutorials, you will participate in some competitions.

An image of Mario Golf: Super Rush
After a little practice I got a first place.

In my case, I felt that I quickly understood the mechanics, but it was not until I entered the qualifying tournaments (basically the game puts you to practice and practice) that I realized that, behind the routine shots that I made in training , I came across more complex situations. In fact, it wasn’t until a couple of games that I got a first place. In other words, Mario Golf: Super RushWhile it simplifies all the complexities of golf, it is not a game that you will master in a two-for-three. In the style of Nintendo, it is easy to play, but difficult to master.
As you progress through the game, you will earn points to improve your Mii’s golfing skills. After a few hours of play, your Mii will be able to launch the ball further and with more curvature.

No carts

Unlike past editions of the series, in Mario Golf: Super Rush the characters have to run towards the ball every time they hit it. In fact, this is so to speak the main novelty of the game. This mechanic means that in the race towards your ball you can ram the other players in order to hinder their progress, however, in campaign mode it has no importance, since you play to see who manages to put the ball into the hole in the minor number of hits and not in the least amount of time.

An image of Mario Golf: Super Rush
Waluigi dresses as if he were a pachuco.

However, where it does make a notable difference is in Fast Golf mode, where you do compete to get the ball in the least amount of time. The mechanics add to the arcade feel of the game, as you can actually focus a little more on playing aggressively than calculating the parabola of the ball. And of course, the characters run doing pirouettes and unlikely movements (Yoshi walks on a giant egg) that also increase the feeling that they are playing golf less serious than a miniature golf.

Save the pair

Mario Golf: Super Rush it is a compliant game. By that I mean that if someone gives it to you thinking it will be a good gift, you are going to have fun. I would hardly have been interested in a game of golf, and Super rush It was interesting to me and I can even say that, after looking at the characteristics of that sport, I can better appreciate the incredible shots of Tiger Woods. However, I know that some players who have followed the series closely have complained that the game does not have too much content. That statement could be true, because in addition to the campaign mode, Quick Golf and its respective variations, the other options are a versus mode called Golf Battle and which is similar in style to the Mario Kart balloon battle, and the option to play online. If I think of a game like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, I would say that statement is true, but if I think about Mario Kart Deluxe, I would say that Mario Golf: Super Rush complies. It is likely that I speak because the game is new to me because I have never played one, so for me, Super Rush saves the pair.

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