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Review of the new iPad Air: Pro power for the regular user | Digital Trends Spanish

The promise of a $599 iPad Air with the iPad Pro’s M1 chip was always too good to be true. However, and fortunately, that intention perfectly describes the new tablet that Apple will make available to the public starting on Friday, March 18.

The new iPad Air, more powerful than the regular iPad, looks on paper like the best option for the average user, that is, those people who use the MacBook Air as their everyday computer and whose maximum needs remain in the areas of communications, ranging from web browsing to video conferencing, word processing, increasingly demanding video games, and video and image editing.

In this analysis we test the new iPad Air with 256 GB of memory and 5G connection, features that raise its price to $899 dollars (the initial amount is $599 dollars for one unit with 64 GB of memory and without 5G capability).

To complete the review, the iPad Air arrived with a $299 wireless Magic Keyboard, a $129 second-generation Apple Pencil, and a $79 navy blue Smart Folio.

The positive

The M1 chip takes iPad Air performance to a new level: applications that require a lot of data processing, editing images in Photoshop or running the latest games are faster. Barring a seismic shift in how these kinds of apps are designed in terms of processing, the iPad Air is a tool that should be kept fit and current to tackle demanding apps for a few years.

Another plus point is the addition of Center Stage, which debuted on the iPad Pro in 2021. This is a feature built into the new 12MP ultrawide front camera that basically recognizes the user and keeps them in the frame at all times thanks to machine learning technology. I had the opportunity to test the efficiency of Center Stage in a fortnightly video conference of a film club to which I belong, where I was complimented on the professional-looking frame in which the other members saw me.

The design of the iPad Air is practically indistinguishable from the previous model, but Apple has introduced a really beautiful new navy blue color, which makes the tablet look more attractive and inviting.

It’s equipped with 5G cellular capability, a feature that adds $150 to the starting price, and a data plan with Verizon. This feature may be important for those who plan to use their iPad Air in places where there is no Wi-Fi access. The 5G connectivity is and feels faster than the 4G LTE of the previous model, which can be seen in faster uploads and downloads.

Finally, without being essential, the accessories elevate the experience of using the iPad Air. Especially the Apple Magic Keyboard wireless keyboard, which with its magnetic support enhances the versatility of the tablet and is the only way to have an Apple computer with a keyboard and touch screen, so it becomes a very convenient accessory in case of quick trips when we prefer to go out without a laptop in the backpack. For its part, the Apple Pencil is one of those accessories that takes time to get used to; however, once the habit of using it is formed, it is resorted to almost intuitively.

The not so positive

Some users, such as people who install a lot of apps and games, will find the base model’s 64GB storage memory capacity limiting and even frustrating, leading them to consider the iPad Air with 256GB memory for $749. Dollars. Trouble is, for just $50 extra on top of the 256GB unit, you can get a basic iPad Pro, with a bigger screen, better cameras, and 128GB of storage. No one can accuse Apple of not giving its customers options.

One feature that is missing from the new iPad Air is Face ID facial recognition, which has been present on iPhone since 2017 and is also available on the iPad Pro. Instead, the iPad Air has a fingerprint reader like the one they used Apple phones before, which is located on the surface of the power button and works quite well. However, it takes a bit of work to get used to this unlocking system again after having Face ID for several years on other devices.

The verdict

With or without accessories, the new iPad Air will not only meet the needs of most people, but also exceed their expectations. Those who plan to exchange their old iPad for this model, and who do not own a Air immediately preceding, you will notice a difference from heaven to earth.

In any case, the presence of the M1 processor makes the new iPad Air, as rarely, a suitable tool to deal with future applications, which I think is something that can or at least should be an important consideration when making a decision. purchase decision.

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