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Revilla, re-elected Secretary General of the PRC with 99.45% of the votes

Miguel Ángel Revilla (Polaciones, 1943) has been re-elected once again as general secretary of the PRC and candidate for the Presidency of Cantabria for the regional elections in May by 726 votes in favor, two against and two abstentions. In this way, at 80 years old, he will once again be the headliner for the tenth consecutive occasion after collecting 98.45% of the support among the militancy, which held its XIII Regional Congress this Sunday in Santander.

The Regional Congress of the PRC highlights the territorial implantation of the party and its jump to Madrid

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There were no surprises or alternatives, because Miguel Ángel Revilla’s candidacy was the only one that had been presented and obtained almost unanimous support. “I am very grateful that two colleagues have voted against because otherwise this would seem like a Bulgarian election,” the regionalist leader joked during his speech, after announcing the team that will accompany him on the PRC Executive Committee.

This body added one more support: 727 votes in favor, one against and two abstentions. And unanimously, with 730 votes, the Guarantees Committee and the economic and financial manager of the party, Rodolfo Rodríguez, have been elected, all of them elected by show of hands and almost by acclamation due to the lack of internal opposition among the participants in this conclave that launches the electoral campaign for the PRC, with an eye on the regional and municipal elections of 2023, where they will try to remain the hegemonic force in Cantabria.

“Let no one ever repeat that the party is Revilla. Here is a team: the best human team in Cantabria. I am going to be a candidate because it is necessary, because I contribute a plus of votes ”, the Cantabrian president insisted, that among the reasons he has given for continuing to lead the PRC is the possibility that the PP and Vox will form a government from 2023 if he doesn’t show up.

Revilla, who will turn 80 on January 23, has been re-elected Secretary General of the PRC for the tenth time. With a degree in Economics and a diploma in Banking and Stock Market from the University of the Basque Country, in 1976 he created the Association for the Defense of the Interests of Cantabria (ADIC), a pioneer in the defense of Cantabria as a single-province region, and from there he founded, in 1978, the Regionalist Party of Cantabria (PRC), being an autonomous deputy of this formation since 1982 without interruption.

In 1988, the PRC Congress elected him Secretary General for the first time, a position that he has revalidated at successive party congresses. During two legislatures, between 1995-1999 and 1999-2003, he was Vice President and Counselor for Public Works, Housing and Urban Planning in the PP-PRC coalition governments.

In addition, he has been president of Cantabria from 2003 to 2011, thanks to the pact with the PSOE, and after a four-year hiatus, in which the PP governed with an absolute majority, he was re-elected president – thanks to the abstention of Podemos and that this time PRC and PSOE were one seat away from the absolute majority. He again revalidated the position in the current legislature, this time governing in coalition with the PSOE.

“We will win”

During his speech, which has lasted for almost two hours and which has even forced an assistant who has fainted on stage to attend to, Revilla has sent a clear message to the regionalist militancy after being re-elected Secretary General of the PRC and candidate to the Presidency of Cantabria for the May 2023 elections: “The task I have on me is fat, help me because, apart from going, we are going to win.” “Do not doubt it, we are going to win”, he has repeated himself.

“There is no party that has the cadres that the PRC has at all levels””, said the leader of the Cantabrian formation, to highlight the “young, prepared and qualified” people that it currently has, as well as its municipal structure, thanks to which there is not “a single neighborhood council” without party representation. “We are preparing a region for the future, hand in hand with a party that was born for this,” said the current president of Cantabria.

“But from leading the candidacy to not leading the candidacy, it may be at stake that we win the elections or that the Popular Party wins them and that with VOX they configure an absolute majority,” Revilla acknowledged, a circumstance that has ended the balance for that he did not choose to withdraw: “I could not say no.”

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