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Riot Games will pay $ 100 million to discriminate against women | Digital Trends Spanish

The lawsuit against him for gender discrimination was very expensive for Riot Games. According to him The Washington Post, the demand to the creators of League of Legends It was resolved through a court settlement for which they must pay $ 100 million.

Of that sum, $ 80 million will be for the plaintiffs and $ 20 million constitute the legal costs of the trial, which began with a lawsuit imposed in 2018 by a group of former employees of the company who accused discrimination.

Through a statement, the plaintiffs assured that this is “a great day for all the women of Riot Games and also those who are in the video game and technology industry.” Likewise, they assure that the work that the company has done to make its work culture more diverse and less hostile against women or minorities of all kinds is appreciated.

Among other issues, the lawsuit against Riot indicated that potential future employees were being made somewhat strange demands. Some women were said to be not gamers enough to enter Riot Games and were discriminated against against male candidates with similar résumés.

A report from Kotaku published in 2018 recounts what happened with a worker who carried out an experiment: after a proposal that was not well received, she asked a colleague to present the same idea some time later. That second idea was well received, which highlighted the discrimination exercised against women within Riot Games.

Unfortunately, the previous episode was not the most serious to occur at Riot prior to 2018. Other employees accused that the environment within the company was like a large university fraternity in which employees are harassed or labeled in a degrading way.

Since then, Riot Games has made efforts to change that work culture and this seems to have yielded some results, judging by those who imposed the lawsuit.

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