Sunday, February 5

Rises for Merlin Properties, what’s the next positive sign?

The largest listed socimi in the Spanish real estate market has achieved overcome its internal crisis in the Spanish stock market regarding the continuity of its president.

After the sharp falls, when the disagreements with the idea of ​​unseating Ismael Clemente and his management team became known (the entire management team sent a letter to the board and to the CNMV rejecting the dismissal of the CEO), there have been double-digit recoveries that maintain value as one of the greats in times of high inflation.

If we look at the MERLIN Properties chart, at a technical level we see that it is inside a channel and the next bullish element would be the break of the trend line. The graph has a gap in front of the 10.26 euros, which would be recovering more than 4% with respect to the opening price of this Friday.

As shown by the technical indicators of Investment Strategies for Merlin Properties, the stock is in a consolidation phase.

Technical indicators for MERLIN PROPERTIES

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