Saturday, June 10

Robert Kiyosaki Says Bitcoin Crash Is “Excellent News” – “Time to Get Rich”

It is no secret that the cryptocurrency market is in a very complicated period, with a correction that started at the turn of the year and continues, scaring market newbies.

Amidst the fear and concern of many, and the memes of others, there are many doubts about investing in the sector today, for Robert Kiyosaki, author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” The current moment is an excellent opportunity to “get rich with Bitcoin”.

The author of the famous book, spoke on his social media about the current market situation and the fall of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. According to the author, with Bitcoin still falling, we will soon have the opportunity to get richer with the digital asset.

“Words of wisdom: Your profits are made when you buy, not when you sell. Bitcoin price is plummeting. Great news. I bought Bitcoin at $6k and $9k. I will buy more if BTC tests the $20K. The time to get rich is coming. Silver is the best bargain today, Silver is still 50% below the highest price.”

The comment was made at a time when Bitcoin lost its $40,000 support and dropped as low as $33,000. The coin has faced declines since its price hit an all-time high near $70,000 in November.

Robert Kiyosaki

Kiyosaki’s opinion is one of optimism with the cryptocurrency market, like many other investors, he believes that Bitcoin will regain value in the future, even if he needs to test support levels in the $20k range, which some are waiting.

Kiyosaki’s statement reaffirms some earlier comments. In October of last year, he had celebrated the rise in Bitcoin’s price, after reaching a value above 60,000. However, he said that the currency would face a correction and when that happened, he would buy more.

However, if the end of 2021 has taught us anything, it is that we cannot trust what many experts and chart analysts say about the price of Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

The important thing is to always do your own research and enter or exit your positions when you see fit. That’s why it’s important to study.

It’s hard to know when Bitcoin’s current fall will stop, but it’s not an unusual move through Bitcoin’s history, which has always had moments of falling and rising in different cycles since 2010.