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Roborock Dyad, analysis: a cordless vacuum cleaner-scrubber as original and different as it is infallible with the tile floor

For tastes, the colors. And for different needs, the spectrum of vacuum cleaners continues to grow with proposals like this Roborock Dyad, designed solely and exclusively to vacuum and scrub floors at the same time. Because no, it is not possible to just aspire. This is a rather peculiar electrical appliance in its design, operation and proposal, as we will see throughout this analysis in which we tell you how our experience has been, testing it thoroughly.

Roborock Dyad


1.112 x 270 x 191 mm


5 kilos




Auto, Max and floor drying


850 ml


620 ml


5.000 mAh


Auto: 35 minutes Max: 25 minutes 280 square meters


4 hours


1 x front roller 2 x rear rollers


78 dB


449 euros

Roborock Dyad Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner Smart 3-in-1 Self Cleaning Wet Vacuum Cleaner | Smart Detection | Voice Notice | LED | Little noise

A design that tastes of a return to the origins

Roborock Dyad

Accustomed to cordless upright vacuum cleaners, the Roborock Dyad shocked me at first sight, inevitably reminding me of the veteran corded upright vacuum that my mother-in-law bought from the Thermomix dealer, the reliable one (he’s a decade old and there is still the champion) Vorwerk Kobold.

The point here is that although this original Roborock vacuum cleaner is cordless, it is designed so that we slide it across the floor and not lift it for other cleanings, so it does not need a light or slim design. And thank goodness, because it is forceful. Of course, moving it on the ground is quite comfortable. By the way, as a curiosity: currently the wireless version of the Kobold also has a module for vacuuming and scrubbing at the same time.


Its structure consists essentially of three segments:

  • The handle is made of aluminum and plastic, being comfortable and offering a good grip. There you will find the power button, the self-cleaning button and the one that allows you to switch between the modes.

  • In the body are integrated two motors responsible for the cleaning work, the two tanks for clean water and dirty water respectively, the filtering system and the screen. It is made of plastic and the tanks are translucent so that we can see how much water is in each one. Especially interesting is the screen, located at the top: it shows the battery percentage, the operating mode and a graph in the shape of a ring that changes color between red and blue depending on the power.

  • Finally in the lower area we locate three aligned rollers in charge of vacuuming and scrubbing. One of the key pieces for this vacuum cleaner to be comfortable to use is the ball joint that joins it to the body, which helps a lot because it tilts and rotates 360 degrees to better reach the edges.


The mobility of the patella is responsible for Although visually the Roborock Dyad is somewhat cumbersome, it performs surprisingly well. Thus, you will be able to lean the body to enter holes, for example under tables or under the bed.

However, it does not lean until it is horizontal, so in the end it is common that you have to end up pushing the table or the bed respectively for a complete cleaning. An extra of the very original design is that it has a kind of temple on the body Like the bikes to leave it inclined so that it does not fall or spill the water.

Commissioning is so easy how to assemble the two pieces of the base, embed the handle, fill the upper tank and work.

How is the cleaning

Clean up

To better understand how to clean this appliance, it is worth stopping at the operation of the rollers: one motor is dedicated to the front roller and the other is responsible for the two rear rollers that are arranged one on each side on a single axis. By turning in opposite directions, the vacuum lifts and removes wet and dry dirt, depending on the brand.

And now yes: the Roborock Dyad’s cleaning concept is curious, since it vacuums and scrubs at the same time. In theory it sounds nice, because you do two things in one, but in practice there are lights and shadows.

I give you an example: if a floor is very dirty, the normal thing is that you give it several passes to be able to vacuum everything there is. When you do this, the gunk gets wet and a kind of unattractive “slime” is produced.

And this happens from time to time. If you have a dog and you bathe it at home, when you finish the bath it looks like zone 0 of a tsunami between hair, sand and water.

The good news is that overall this “all-terrain vacuum cleaner” will handle less dirt: some hair, dust, crumbs, some dirt … and here it works quite well. We have already seen in the design section that the brushes rotate to adapt better, but they are somewhat coarse and bulky to face tight places.

The rollers suffer a similar fate, which end up quite dirty after a thorough cleaning. Fortunately, Roborock has thought about it and has a self-cleaning system that you should activate when you leave it in the base. This self-cleaning takes a couple of minutes and consumes water, but is very effective.


The Roborock Dyad too jointly manages power and water dosage, another procedure at least curious, because it can face a floor without stains but with a lot of dirt deposited and vice versa. As the firm details, it has an infrared stain detection system for this purpose.

Thus, you will find two modes of operation:

  • The MAX mode It offers maximum suction and scrubbing, and is precisely intended for full lung work.

  • The one I have used the most has been the AUTO mode, which automatically adjusts its work based on what is being found, although the operation is not the finest in the world, since on some occasions it opts to pour more water even if that specific area is not particularly dirtier.

Logically cleaning with the MAX mode consumes more battery, reducing its autonomy just over 20 minutes.

Deposito Roborock

However, in my house of 50 square meters I have been left over by two issues: first, that the space is limited and second, that it is you who gives the passes, so you work what is fair and necessary.

And not, Unless you have a mansion, the battery is not going to be a problem, because as soon as you return it to the base, it will load again. And you are more likely to run out of water if you have a huge house than without a battery.

What I liked the most was that precisely because you are the one who passes it, scrubbing is light years away from robot vacuum cleaners for good, since you can affect old and dry spots. In addition, the dosage of the water is very good, allowing you to step on the ground a few minutes later.

A most practical function is that of drying, which you can activate with a long press on the mode button, very useful for when, for example, you get out of the shower and leave everything full of water.


Dirty Deposit

The maintenance operation that I have performed the most during my analysis by far is the emptying the dirty water tank, a quick and easy procedure, although not very pleasant since you are going to find solids and liquids.

Located in the central part of the body, it is as simple as pressing the tab and pulling the handle to remove it. Then you just have to lift the filter piece and dump it in the toilet.

Likewise, it is also advisable to remove the dirt – generally hairs – that accumulate in the filter, for which the brush included in the box is great. Once it is visually clean, rinse it with water, shake it dry, and return it to its position when dry.

Rollers Detail

Although the brushes in the Roborock Dyad are cleaned automatically, every now and then it is a good idea to give them a manual overhaul.

  • For clean the front roller It is necessary to remove the front protective plastic and release it by pressing on the tab on the right side.

  • For release the rear rollers, we will turn the nuts arranged on each side and pull to the outside. Once we clean them, we will be careful to return each one to its place (red – blue) repeating the procedure but in reverse.

Roborock Dyad, the opinion of Engadget


Roborock with his Dyad is a bet that shows a lot of personality. There are wireless vacuum cleaners, robot vacuum cleaners that also scrub and also robots that only scrub, but the Chinese firm ventures down an unexplored path: that of wireless models that only vacuum and scrub simultaneously.

This choice has certain limitations, such as not being able to be used on floors such as parquet or carpets (remember that it cannot only vacuum), nor does it have the versatility of the classic cordless vacuum cleaners with their respective accessories, but also the advantage of complying with what promises: vacuums and scrubs well, but still has aspects to polish in design and operation.

What is a “one of a kind” vacuum cleaner It is difficult to frame it in price ranges, but it serves as a reference that there are wireless alternatives that can also scrub such as the Ergowet models from Cecotec for about 300 euros or the Vorwerk Kobold VB (849 euros only and 1,259 euros with the accessory) to which you have to add the module SPB100 separately. Of course, in both cases they vacuum and scrub at the same time thanks to an extra element, but they have other interchangeable accessories to gain functionality.

Is it a risky bet? Time will tell, but if there are users who only want to clean a tile floor by vacuuming and scrubbing at once, it is a sure success.

This product has been released for testing by Roborock. Can inquire our policy of relationships with enterprises.