Wednesday, March 22

Robot ants and bees will be the spies of the future in South Korea | Digital Trends Spanish

South Korea develops insect-like robots for espionage operations. The challenge is that the small machines in the form of ants or bees carry out covert reconnaissance missions in enemy territories.

The Korea Research Institute for Defense Planning and Advancement of Technology (KRIT) reported that the project has a five-year horizon and a budget equivalent to $23.6 million.

The agency YonhapNews He explained that the initiative revealed by the state agency will be the responsibility of a consortium that also includes the local defense company LIG Nex1 Co, the Seoul National University and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

In this way, the government promotes cooperation between the private sector and the academic world to expand the scope of these technological advances, the same version indicated.

“The project also focuses on the acquisition of communication and other related technologies for the simultaneous operation of dozens of them,” the KRIT added.

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