Monday, August 8

Rodrigo de Santos convicted of sexual abuse in the NGO close to the PP in which he worked

The Provincial Court of Madrid has sentenced the former PP politician Rodrigo de Santos to two years in prison for a crime of sexual abuse of a prisoner while he was working in some shelters of the Fundación Horizontes Abiertas-Padre Garralda, the organization close to the political party in which he was active and who took him in after he had served his sentence for sexually abusing two minors who were friends of his children and spent almost 50,000 euros from the Palma City Council on cocaine and male prostitution.

There were two young people who had passed through the shelters who denounced De Santos. The Prosecutor’s Office and the private prosecution of one of them accused the former politician of having abused a young man of Dominican origin on seven occasions, whom he would have performed fellatio and then forced him to penetrate him. However, the court does not consider these seven attacks to be credited and therefore acquits the politician of the most serious accusation.

The NGO of Father Garralda, which then and now has a board close to the most conservative sector of the PP in matters of morals, is convicted as a subsidiary civil responsible for the crime of sexual abuse for which Rodrigo de Santos has been convicted, in this case against a young man of Moroccan origin. The court understands that the lack of “supervision” of the actions of the convicted person is attributable to the company for being a “trusted employee”.

At the trial, the former PP politician stated that he “never” had sexual relations with inmates of the NGO Padre Garralda-Horizontes Abiertas, in Vallecas, and referred to “prejudices” against him because of his criminal record. De Santos was already convicted in 2010 by the Provincial Court of Palma for a crime of sexual abuse with carnal access to a minor, to a penalty of 5 years in prison and a prohibition of approach and communication for a period of 8 years.

In this new case, the Madrid Prosecutor’s Office requested 20 years in prison for the former popular leader, whom it accused of an alleged continuing crime of sexual assault and another crime of sexual assault. According to the prosecutor, the events took place between February and July 2017, when the defendant “taking advantage of his status” as coordinator at the foundation attacked two prisoners.

However, the Chamber acquits De Santos of the most serious crimes, the seven sexual abuse of one of the prisoners. The complaint of this prisoner, who declared in the trial to have suffered serious psychological consequences, led to the investigation of the Family and Minors Unit (UFAM) of the Police that led to the judicial case against Rodrigo de Santos.

The magistrates acquit the defendant of crimes against sexual freedom and indemnity and sexual assault as it has not been proven that De Santos forced this young man to have non-consensual sexual relations by threatening “to withdraw the endorsement of the foundation before Penitentiary Institutions or to return him to his country of origin, or that on an undetermined date dragged him to a toilet and performed acts of non-consensual sexual content, also under threat. ”

To the contrary, the magistrates have considered proven that the defendant, on November 8, 2016, in one of the permits granted to the second young man who accused him, of Maghreb origin, took him to his home, in the town of Alcobendas, and that, when they were both sitting on the couch, she sexually abused him. In the case of civil liability, the convicted person must pay 3,000 euros for non-pecuniary damage to the victim. An appeal can be filed against this judgment before the Civil and Criminal Chamber of the Madrid Supreme Court.

For the conviction, it has been decisive that, unlike what happened with the young Dominican, in the case of the Moroccan there was material evidence, the whatsapp that De Santos had sent him. “The truth is that I would love for you to be mine ‘,’ if you were bisexual like me you would be 100% ‘,’ I’m going to sleep Rachid, if you want to go down to sleep in my bed I’ll leave you open ‘,’ I promise to treat you with great care and I respect, as if you were my son … my house is your house and my bed is your bed, that you know that I would love for you to be here by my side to sleep hugging you, I love you my Rachid ‘”, these messages pick up.

In his indictment, the prosecutor reported that the former leader of the PP worked in the NGO since 2015 and as of October 2016 he was in charge of the prisoner’s social reintegration program, endorsing the inmates who lacked family ties before Penitentiary Institutions . In this way, they were housed in the homes owned by this Foundation in Vallecas, “providing them with a place to reside during prison permits and even once they were granted conditional release and definitive release, making them responsible for the inmates before the Board of Treatment of the Penitentiary Center “.