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Rodrigo Rojas Vade, the Chilean activist who invented he had cancer

Santiago de Chile



I am not afraid of cancer, least of all repression ”,“ I am not fighting cancer, I am fighting to pay for chemo, ”said the posters that Rodrigo Rojas Vade raised during the protests that broke out in Chile in October 2019. In the call ‘ Plaza Dignidad ‘, in the heart of Santiago,’ el Pelado Vade ‘became famous for his courage in front of the police forces, but above all for hisu slim body and naked torso intervened for earrings and more than one catheter. His quick fame led him to run as an independent to the Constituent Convention and he campaigned on the deficiencies of the health system. He was elected with more than 19,000 votes to represent a highly populated sector

From the capital. But something did not fit his story. Last weekend, the vice president of the Constitutional Convention –the first democratic one in the history of Chile– He admitted that he has never had cancer that it was all an attempt to hide “another disease, so as not to suffer the social stigma.”

Rojas Vade resigned on Sunday one of the vice presidencies of the constitutional assembly and he himself considered that he should “leave the Convention” Through a message recorded and posted on social networks, the same day that a press report reported the political fraud. The board of directors of the Convention accepted his resignation and Jaime Bassa – one of its directors – announced that there will be no “corporate defense” of the questioned delegate and that criminal actions could be initiated, in addition to administrative sanctions.

But the Constitutional Convention is governed by the same rules of the Chamber of Deputies, which establish that the charges are inalienable and can only be set aside if a disabling illness is found. Worse still, if there is a configuration of crimes, Rojas Vade would have to be taken to a process that removes his immunity.

37 years old, trained in aeronautical prevention, Rojas Vade participated in the founding of the self-styled ‘La Lista del Pueblo‘made up only of independents, which in May got 27 constituent delegates out of 155 quotas. The left-wing populist group made a harsh speech against all political parties and claimed to be the bearer of “new ways of doing politics.” All of that also fell apart.

Two weeks ago, the presidential candidate of ‘La Lista del Pueblo’, Francisco Ancalao, received the rejection of the Electoral Service when presenting 23,000 signatures of support which were false after verifying that the notary’s office where they were legalized has not existed since 2018 and the notary had been dead since February of that year. This, among other episodes, produced the outbreak of the group from which Rojas Vade had separated only a week ago.

‘El Pelado Vade’ today he is facing his partner, also convinced that Rojas Vade had leukemia; to his family, his constituents and the many people who donated money to him for their medical treatments, which could also be investigated as a crime of fraud. In addition, in his declaration of interests, which every public authority must make when taking office, Rojas Vade declared a bank debt of almost 30,000 euros, attributed to “chemotherapeutic treatment against cancer”, which is now known, never existed.

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