Friday, December 8

ROG Phone 6 releases hellish version based on Diablo | Digital Trends Spanish

Fans of video games and especially of Devil Immortal they are right to start raising money, because Asus released a hellish edition dedicated to the game of the ROG Phone 6.

According to your adthe limited edition phone will not only be themed Diablo Immortal, but will also have matching accessories.

Altogether, it looks like this limited edition will include Horadric Cube packaging, a Worldstone-shaped box, a Diablo Immortal-themed pack, exclusive accessories, and a ROG Phone 6 with a specially designed back.

In terms of specs, there’s nothing new to talk about here. The Diablo Immortal Edition will technically be the same as the regular ROG Phone 6. However, what may lead someone to pick one up is the design and accessories.

“When you power ROG Phone 6 Diablo Immortal Edition with the power button, you will enter the hellish world of Diablo. Themed animations, live wallpapers, loading animations, awesome sound effects await you, along with a personalized always-on panel and incoming call notifications. Are you ready to fight against the forces of evil?” Asus maintains.

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