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ROJO: a horror video game set in a flat with Francoist symbols

A door opens and you enter a peculiar house. Inside, a painting of Franco, a television with the NO-DO and the Francoist flag. Thus begins the suspenseful video game developed by Miguel Moreno, an independent programmer who has decided to create a “terrifying experience” full of nods to “Spanish traditional culture”.

The adventure, advertised on YouTube asA Spanish Horror Experience” takes place in this unique environment – ​​an apartment filled with references to the dictatorship – in which players will be immersed with only a faulty flashlight and their wits to gather information and solve puzzles.

a mystery to solve

ROJO, is a free video game that Miguel Moreno has published on his Web page and whose main plot is the disappearance and search for a friend of the protagonist. The player must find out what has happened to the missing person and, to do so, they will have to explore the apartment of a Francoist fanatic and face various obstacles full of suspense and terror.

Among the keys to solving what has happened, references to Spanish brands, music and art must be found, in a decadent environment full of religious and fascist iconography.

The game has been developed for non-commercial purposes and its creator has assured through his Twitter account that he does not intend to praise the dictatorship, nor to defend it, quite the contrary. “It is a representation of the terror produced by fascist ideologies, fanaticism and extremism,” the young man assured.

Miguel Moreno has taken advantage of the repercussion that the announcement of his video game is having on social networks to communicate that he is looking for a job in this industry.

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