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Roku launches cheaper subwoofer and a new streaming box | Digital Trends Spanish

roku has released its latest hardware today, with a new subwoofer looking to keep the bottom end and a new drive box anchoring the cheapest spot in that lineup.

The bigger of the two releases, both literally and figuratively, is the new Roku Wireless Bass. The name explains it all: it’s a wireless subwoofer that you can plant anywhere in a room (because the bottom end doesn’t care as much where it’s coming from) to fill out that part of the sound spectrum.

The Wireless Bass doesn’t work on its own, or with any non-Roku system, really. You’ll need to pair it with a Roku Streaming Bar, Roku Wireless Speakers, or the Roku TV Wireless Soundbar. Pairing should be simple, Roku has done a very good job on that setup, and from there you should feel your living room or bedroom start to rumble more.

The Wireless Bass is up for pre-order today and will be available starting November 7, 2022, for $130. It will live alongside the larger Roku Wireless Subwoofer, which stays at $180 for more premium low-end sound. .

“At Roku, every enhancement and addition to our product line is carefully designed and tested to bring value to our customers,” said Chris Larson, Roku’s vice president of retail strategy, in a press release. “Today’s launch offers even more options to fit every budget, allowing customers to get the home entertainment experience they deserve without breaking the bank.”

Roku Express 2022 model.

Also new is an update to the entry-level Roku Express. There’s not much to write here, considering it still hits 1080p. But the new dual-band WiFi will help ensure a more stable internet connection, which is key for this sort of thing. Still, this is the kind of thing you’ll only want to buy if you have a dumb TV that sticks to the lowest resolution. Anyone with a 4K set will want to at least spend the extra $10 for one of Roku’s 4K models.

The new Roku Express will still retail for $30 and is available for pre-order now. Look for it to ship starting October 16.

The new hardware will be bolstered by Roku OS 11.5, also announced today. New features include the ability to connect Bluetooth headsets for private listening, updated visual search results, improved voice search, a platform-wide save list, and much more.

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