Thursday, September 29

Rosalia in concert in Brazil: F for… Fora Bolsonaro

From the images captured at the foot of the track by an admirer, it seems that Rosalía did not expect that a mention of the president of Brazil, the ultra Jair Bolsonaro, would sneak into her song abcdefg during his massive concert in São Paulo on his tour of Latin America.

The theme, constructed as a dialogue in which the Catalan singer chooses a definition for each of the letters of the alphabet, was altered by a large sector of the Brazilian public.

When reaching the F, instead of responding to what appears in the verse of the song –“F de Flux Aeon”–, the audience responds with a “Fora Bolsonaro”, as can be seen in the recording of the tweeter @WelkerMaciel.

The singer seems surprised to hear this response from the public. “Bolsonaro out” is the slogan of the Brazilian left in these pre-election months.

The country is called to the polls on October 2 in a context of strong polarization and with the reappearance of the iconic leader of the left Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, favorite in the polls.

“Fuck Vox”

The Catalan singer is no stranger to political debate and does not hide her aversion to the extreme right. On November 10, 2019, after the general elections in Spain in which the far-right formation Vox won 52 seats, Rosalía tweeted a brief “Fuck Vox”.

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